Dye Sub Printer

Dye Sub Printer uses a heating technique to create dye on a material. In our case, the most common use is photos. Dye Sub Printers are very common with Photo Booth Companies or Photo Novelty service providers.

Many of Foto Master’s softwares and Products take advantage of the dye sub printer quality and speed to provide to the guest an unforgettable souvenir. The softwares that utilize the Dye Sub Printers are AIR Graffiti Wall / AIR Graffiti Touch/ Bobbleheads / Virtual Hero and more…Although we recommend one over the other, all Dye Sub Printers do the trick. So if you have DNP / SONY / HITI / MITSUBISHI / or any other Dye Sub printer you will reduce your cost on the Turn Key System you can purchase.

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