Event Nachinka


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Location: Yaroslavl, Russia.

Foto Master Product: Mobile Flip book Studio, Bobble Heads.
Main Market: Corporate Events, Weddings, Big Parties.

Event Nachinka: Establish in 2009 Event Nachinka is a young and motivated company, signed on it’s flag to bring the most exciting and out of the ordinary solutions for events to Russia and since offer a variety of special services to this market.

How We Use Fotomaster Products?

  • Video Flip Promo Video

We started to offer Video Flip and the feedback was amazing, we then purchased Bobble Heads as it’s based on the same concept of a special physical party favor and it also did great! We offer Bobble Heads mainly for Weddings a Video Flip for many types of events.

We Asked: "Why Fotomaster?"

In 3 words: Features, Quality, Support.