Graffiti Network


  • Digital Graffiti Wall
    Digital Graffiti Wall
  • Digital Art Wall
    Digital Art Wall
  • AIR Graffiti for Kids
    AIR Graffiti for Kids
  • AIR Graffiti Wall
    AIR Graffiti Wall

Location: Netherlands

Foto Master Product: AIR Graffiti Wall.
Main Market: Event Entertainment, Workshops, Advertising.

Graffiti Network is the international graffiti company with a professional team of only the best graffiti artists.
They are the leader in the Benelux since 1990 and set the trend in the commercial world of graffiti.
Graffiti Network provide creative workshops, unique paintings and striking street advertising.

How We Use Fotomaster Products?

  • Interactive Graffiti Wall
    Interactive Graffiti Wall
  • AIR Graffiti Wall
    AIR Graffiti Wall

We make digital graffiti art during events and party’s.
With the Air graffiti application we can customize your brand or product in a unique way and share it directly on social media!
We also provide digital graffitiworkshops with open walk-in during your event, where the created artwork can be saved and printed is creative, new and original!

We Asked: "Why Fotomaster?"

  • Virtual Graffiti Wall
    Virtual Graffiti Wall
  • AIR Graffiti Wall
    AIR Graffiti Wall
  • Virtual Graffiti
    Virtual Graffiti

The technique, application and support is really great.