GreenBoxx Eventtools


  • Video Flip - Green Screen Event
  • Video Flip - Nice Props
  • Video Flip Event
  • Video Flip @ Trade Show
  • Using Overlay Feature

Location: Dresden, Germany.

Foto Master Product: Video Flip Creator, AIR Graffiti
Main Market: Event Entertainment, Interactive Entertainment, Interactive Brand Activation, Interactive Sponsorship Activation, Interactive Corporate Event Entertainment.

GreenBoxx Eventtools: One of the most professional companies on earth, Greenboxx customers are big and popular and the execution of the events always perfect! the word perfection is the only way to describe Lar’s services.

How GreenBoxx use Foto Master's Products

  • Christmas Flipbook
  • Creating a Flipbook
  • Video Flip - Short Clip
  • Nice chroma key flipbook

Greenboxx use Video Flip Creator to it’s best, using green screen, blue screen, overlay feature and using the latest and greatest features that the software has to offer, Lar’s also took part in suggesting and adding many of the features that exist in Video Flip today.