• Snapek

Location: Kuwait

Foto Master Product: AIR Graffiti Wall & AIR Graffiti Touch
Main Market: Telecom companies, Social Media Companies that organize the launching of new products, Wedding Planning Companies, Hospitals, Instagram bloggers for advertising, Private Events (Birthdays, Gatherings), School Carnivals.

Snapek: Leader of the Digital Entertainment in Kuwait.

How We Use Fotomaster Products?

  • Snapek

Snapek help production companies and social media companies to bring an exciting, interactive and digital attraction to gain more business and increase revenues.

We Asked: "Why Fotomaster?"

  • Snapek Wall
    Snapek Wall

“We choose Fotomaster for many reasons mainly
– the easy to use software technology
– quick and online reply of the company technical support team
– on-going new software products
– establishing a good relationship with the company’s representative referring to Mr. Boaz Telem
For Snapek these features were very important to seek in doing business with an abroad company.”