Thrill Productions

Thrill Productions

  • MLB Event with AIR Graffiti

Location: New York Tri-state Area, United States

Foto Master Product: AIR Graffiti Wall, AIR Graffiti Touch, Video Flip, Virtual Hero, Bobble Heads, Caricature Touch
Main Market: Event Entertainment & Rentals

Thrill Productions provides unique entertainment services for the special event industry. The wow factor and constant fun are priority. We build the event’s concept with our clients and produce the most amazing and unforgettable events.

How We Use Fotomaster Products?

  • Video Flip
    Video Flip
  • Photo from MLB Event
    Photo from MLB Event
  • McDonald Event
    McDonald Event
  • McDonald Event
    McDonald Event

We use AIR Graffiti Wall mainly for product launch and corporate events. Virtual Hero and Caricature Touch for Bar/Bat Mizvah and Bobble Heads and Video Flip for Weddings, We have big clients that love those products, from NHL and NFL to McDonald everyone love those interactive and digital photo favors.

We Asked: "Why Fotomaster?"

  • Thrill Productions @ Super Bowl
  • NFL Event with AIR Graffiti

I used to work in a company wasting my time on what I have to do and not what I want to do. Ron whom I know from Foto Master offered me to switch and purchase and own their products and go out and do events. I purchased them one by one and after each returned it’s own investment I went and purchased the next from Boaz and his team. In less then a Year I own all Foto Masters product and loving it. this is a game changer or more likely life changer for me.