Augmented Reality Photo Booth: The Next Big Thing in Photo Novelty

Augmented Reality Photo Booth allows the guest to appear with a random 3D Virtual Props on them and on their friends and create an out of the ordinary photo favor.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth
Augmented Reality Photo Booth

How does Augmented Reality Photo Booth work?

The guest stands in front of the open air photo booth and then view themselves appears on a large monitor. Instantly, random 3D props are loaded onto the screen and the guest is able to move and interact with them as if they are real! The guest is able to switch the random props by raising their right hand above their head and open it. Once the guests are ready to take their photo, they pull down the virtual gesture slider and 3..2..1.. snap, a memorable augmented reality photo is printed and handed to the guests. We are also utilizing a new technology that allows us to remove the backdrop without the need of a green screen backdrop. Guests can find themselves anywhere in the world with virtual props on them!

Noteable Features

  • New “Augmented Reality” technology
  • No backdrop chroma key technology
  • 50 Out of the box cool 3D props
  • Custom 3D props Lib to add your own
  • Fast and accurate detection
  • Up to 6 participents
  • Custom branded overlay support
  • Take photo button
  • Customizable countdown
  • Save Video Button
  • Photo preview
  • Print & email buttons
  • Print photo
  • Auto save photo
  • Email photo
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  • Augmented Reality Demo - UK Customer
    Augmented Reality Demo - UK Customer
  • Adding 3D Props to AR Photo Booth
    Adding 3D Props to AR Photo Booth
  • Adding 3D Props to AR Photo Booth
    Adding 3D Props to AR Photo Booth
  • You Can Add Your Own!
    You Can Add Your Own!

Add Your Own 3D Props

Your client has a theme party or a conceptual event and you want to help them out? Our Custom 3D prop capabilities allows you to offer your customer unique and one of a kind 3D props. You can easily download 3D props from the internet, add a descriptor file based on our instructions and the software will load your custom 3D props into the desired location on the guest’s bodies.

  • Augmented Reality Photo Booth at IAAPA
    Augmented Reality Photo Booth at IAAPA

Who can benefit from Interactive Augmented Reality Photo Booth?

Choosing props from a table is the classic way to add something different to photo booths. However, don’t you want to be at the forefront of the photo booth industry and utilize the newest and coolest props?! Augmented Reality Photo Booth works at it’s best at Private Events & Parties, in Family Entertainment Centers, Interactive Museums, Theme Parks, Hotels and Resorts, Retail and more. Offer something cutting edge that will set you apart from the competition and generate higher revenues for your business.

Hardware Options & Requirements

  DIY Turn Key
Augmented Reality Foto Booth Software
One Year of Free Upgrades and Support
First Time Online Training Session - Via Teamviewer
Promotional Marketing Materials
Kinect v2 for Windows
Foto Master’s Kinect v2 Foto Booth Stand
Mini PC
42” TV
Dye Sub Printer
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Package & License

Augmented Reality Foto Booth Software comes with a lifetime license and includes one year of free upgrades and support with an optional renewal of 290$ for each additional year. No revenue share – no hidden fees. After completing your purchase, you will receive the license key and download link within 24 hours to your email. We will also send along our recommended hardware list. You will also receive access to our promotional folder in DropBox and we will schedule an online training session using Team Viewer with you when all the equipment arrives to make sure that you are ready to start using the Augmented Reality Foto Booth.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth

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  • Can I purchase the DIY package and your Photo Booth Stand separately to the Turn Key System?

    Yes you can. Contact us for more details.

  • On which operating system Augmented Reality Photo Booth support?

    Windows 8.1, Windows 10

  • Once I purchase the product, what is the next step?

    Within 24 hours you will get an email with your license key, recommended hardware list, download link, and manual. Then when you have the complete system in your office we will do the online training session with you.

  • I already own a photo booth, can I use my setup with your software?

    Yes. You will probably have to purchase Kinect v2 as well. Having said that our booth setup is very professional and unique offering a 42” monitor that increase the excitement.

  • How can I brand the software?

    You can create your own cover overlay which loads to the foreground as transparent PNG file.


  • Augmented Reality Photo Booth is the Number One Product!

    Raj Tulsiani , Event Specialist, Creative Event Services (Rated 5 / 5) Raj Tulsiani
  • It’s awesome! I love it, please add more sport masks, football, baseball…

    Matt Franks , Noonah Marketing (Rated 5 / 5) Matt Franks
  • I loved the demo for Augmented reality booth. Can I buy it now? We are making the Christmas bits.

    Koray Özdemir , Big Boss, Marketing Toys (Rated 5 / 5) Koray Özdemir
  • Very Cool!!!

    Edan Kaufman , Sole Power Productions (Rated 5 / 5) Edan Kaufman
Reviews by Foto Master scored 5 / 5 based on 4 ratings
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