Air Graffiti: Interactive, Virtual & Digital Graffiti Wall

AIR Graffiti Wall is a unique and exciting product that allows the interactive creation of virtual graffiti on a digital wall – a designated rear projection screen, using a laptop, projector and infrared spray cans.

AIR Graffiti Wall
AIR Graffiti Wall

How does Air Graffiti Wall Work?

As you press the infrared spray can, it emits an infrared light beam, which is tracked by the computer. Then AIR Graffiti software converts the beam into a virtual image that appears on the projector screen known as Digital Graffiti Wall, creating a vibrant and colorful drawing. The output is a digital image file that can be printed and/or shared via social media networks like facebook/twitter/email and more. You also have an option of saving the drawing process itself as a video file saved on your computer. Different drawing techniques can be used to create air graffiti: spraying, using virtual stencils, stamps, photo effects and drawing effects, applying specialized painting methods like dripping just like real graffiti make the experience so realistic. Air Graffiti also includes a selection of predefined backgrounds and branded covers, allowing you to adding a logo for giveaways, promotions and advertising.

Notable Features

  • Most Accurate and Fast Detection
  • Multi Users Interaction
  • Social Publish Options
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Branding & White Labeling
  • Many Stamps & Animated Stamps
  • Cool out of the box Stencils
  • Capture Photo
  • Green Screen
  • Photo Effects
  • Drawing Effects
  • Limit Drawing Time
  • Fully CustomIzed Toolbar
  • Customized Color Palette
  • QR Code Integration
  • Control Color Size, Blur, Transparency
  • Undo / Redo / Clear Screen
  • Cool Spray Can Sound while spraying
  • Built In Shortcuts
  • Save GIF / Video / Photo
  • Enable / Disable Timer
  • Build in DSLR Live View
  • Customized Stamps / Stenciles / Overlay / Backgrounds
  • Games Mode
  • And Many More...
Digital Graffiti Software Details

Over 200 event rental companies, entertainment centers and theme parks are using AIR Graffiti Wall, among them:

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  • Customer from Canada Using AIR Graffiti
    Customer from Canada Using AIR Graffiti
  • AIR Graffiti Wall & Projection Mapping
    AIR Graffiti Wall & Projection Mapping
  • AIR Graffiti @ a Museum
    AIR Graffiti @ a Museum
  • AIR Graffiti on TV
    AIR Graffiti on TV
  • Life Size - Photo Booth Mode Demo
    Life Size - Photo Booth Mode Demo
  • AIR Graffiti & Artist
    AIR Graffiti & Artist
  • AIR Graffiti @ Corporate Event
    AIR Graffiti @ Corporate Event
  • AIR Graffiti - Demo Video
    AIR Graffiti - Demo Video

Why AIR Graffiti Software?

  • Buy 1 Software Offer 2 Different Products: With a small additional investment in the hardware you will be able to offer AIR Graffiti in either touch or wall form. In the eyes of your customers it’s 2 different products; however, for you, it is an investment in only one software.
  • Huge ROI: With standard rental fee of around $1800 for 4 hours, you’ll receive a return on your investment after just a handful of events!
  • State of the art cutting-edge technology: Developed by Boaz Telem, a programmer known for his dedication to quality and innovation.
  • Get Leads From Us: Along with AIR Graffiti package you will receive dozens of leads from us and we will add you to our AIR Graffiti rental locations map.
  • You are not alone: Air Graffiti is the most popular digital graffiti software in the world with more than 200 vendors from different markets running it all over the world.
  • No annual fees, no revenue share: Pay a one-time fee and the software is yours for life.
  • Unique attraction activity: The guests will be enthralled!

Easy to deploy and out of the ordinary attraction is sure to become a major hit at every party or celebration, attracting the attention of everybody present. An amazing party favor, AIR Graffiti is the best and the most popular digital product of its kind.

Hardware Options & Requirements

  DIY Turn Key
AIR Graffiti Software
One Year of Free Upgrades and Support
First Time Online Training Session - Via Team Viewer
Promotional Marketing Materials
3 IR Spray Cans
IR Webcam
Pro Rear Screen Enclosure + Road Case
Dye Sub Printer
3000 Lumens Short Throw Projector
Digital DSLR Camera
Green Screen Setup + Lights
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Package & Lincese

AIR Graffiti Software comes with a lifetime license and include one year of free upgrades and support with an optional renewal of 450$ for additional year start from the second year; No revenue Share, No hidden Fees. Once purchase is done you will receive the license key and download link within 24 hours to your email, it will also companion with the recommended hardware list both for AIR Graffiti Wall and AIR Graffiti Touch, you will also receive access to our promotional folder in Drop Box and we will schedule an online training session using Team Viewer with you when all the equipment arrive to make sure that you are ready to start using the product to it’s best.

Who can benefit from AIR Graffiti?

Whether you are a DJ, run a photo booth company, have a party rentals firm or manage an entertainment center, you can offer AIR Graffiti to your clients, taking their celebration to a whole new level. In fact, you can even use AIR Graffiti to enter the entertainment business.

Digital Graffiti: AIR Graffiti Wall

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Air Graffiti Wall (DIY)
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  • “Can I use 1 software for AIR Graffiti Wall and AIR Graffiti Touch?”

    Yes. It’s amazing! You purchase 1 software and with different hardware you can offer 2 different products.

  • “How many users can spray on the same time”?

    AIR Graffiti is the only software in the world that allows unlimited number of users to draw at the same time.

  • “Can I create my own Stamps and Stencils?”

    Yes. Just create your own transparent PNG file or SWF stamp or stencil, place them in the designated folder and the software will fetch your custom stamps and stencils from there.

  • “Can I share the output on social networks?”

    Yes. The software allows you to save the video of the whole process and share via Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc.

  • “We saw the videos of your customers using AIR Graffiti with Projection Mapping on a Car, Any tips on making that work?”

    You create a cover for the car for example:Arnold_Clark-car-cover.png

    As you see, the background is black and only the desired locations that can be draw on are transparent. You need to rent a strong second projector (18,000-20,000 LA depend on the light conditions at the event) and a VJ person with WO software to project the image on the car. Practice it before the event.

  • “I want to create custom cover, backgrounds, stamps and stencils and I don’t have a good designer can you help me?”

    Yes! Our amazing in house designer Yael will be able to assist you. Please contact us for more info and design pricing.


  • “I want to thank you for saving the day yesterday. Without you I would have had a very disappointed client. I am very grateful to you for jumping in and taking care of a problem that was not related to your product at all. I was in a state of panic with an event that was just hours away and when you took control of the system with team viewer I felt a calm come over me that all was going to be OK. With your help the system was up and running on the new laptop with an hour to spare. Amazing!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!! Great!!!!!!!”

    Dennis Walthers , Walthers Productions, LLC (Rated 5 / 5) Dennis Walthers
  • “The feedback we have gotten from our event planners to direct client that have booked this from us has been AMAZING!!”

    Raj Tulsiani , Event Specialist, Creative Event Services (Rated 5 / 5) Raj Tulsiani
  • “This is an AMAZING product, to put it simply… And it is, simple. No kinks when working with the Air Graffiti team… They are always open to any edits you may want built into the program. If you are looking for the hottest product out there, and the best people to work with, look no further. This is your last stop people. It doesn’t get much better than this!”


    Sarah Garza , VP Operations at Interactive Graffiti Wall (Rated 5 / 5) Sarah Garza
  • “I have found Boaz to be extremely helpful with my many questions about this new product. He has always answered my concerns in a prompt and timely manner. Very glad I decided to go with Air Graffiti!”

    Murray Englander , President at A Custom Look (Rated 5 / 5) Murray Englander
  • “Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the training and look forward to working with you. Already have the wall booked for a May event! Can’t wait to get started. I know a lot of event people and may have more referrals for you!”

    Phil Hart , Hart Entertainment Inc (Rated 5 / 5) Phil Hart
  • “This new and exciting interactive activity creates a memorable experience for guests. My company, Fun Planners on the Orlando, FL area has been booking our 2 Graffiti Walls non stop and will likely need to add another to inventory soon. Boaz listens to customers and consistently produces quality enhancements. No worries about working with this overseas software company because Boaz has always been available when we needed him.”

    Luna Tolunay , President at Fun Planners (Rated 5 / 5) Luna Tolunay
5 / 5 based on 6 ratings
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