Digital Infrared Spray Cans for Virtual Graffiti

AIR Graffiti Wall begins its wow reaction when the guest takes the IR Spray cans in their hands and “Spray” into the rear screen projection.

AIR Graffiti Software instructs the Infrared Receiver to detect the InfraRed Spray Can. Once detected, the AIR Graffiti software knows exactly where to have the digital graffiti appear. We have few types of IR Spray Cans for sale, see the photo slider on the right.


Standard IR Spray Cans:
Cost: 89$ / each
Most Used: Event Industry


Heavy Duty IR Spray Cans:
Cost: 129$ / each
Most Used: Entertainment Centers


With the combination of IR Spray Cans and IR webcam, the AIR Graffiti Software supports unlimited number of users using the IR Spray Cans at the same time.

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