Neon Video Booth: Real Time Light Paint Video

Neon Video Booth quickly creates amazing Videos / Gifs / Flipbooks / Photos with a neon light painting experience captured and previewed in real time.

Neon Video Booth
Neon Video Booth

How does Neon Video Booth Work?

For those that like Light Paint techniques, get ready for Neon Video Booth. You will Love it! The guest stands in front of the camera with a white led spray can or pen in their hands. A dark backdrop is positioned behind the guest. 3..2..1… a video starts to record the guest experiencing neon light creation using their hand. The software’s sophisticated algorithm detects and tracks the white led light easily creating amazing videos with special effects.

Notable Features

  • Light Tracking & Detection Algorithm
  • Control Neon Light Color
  • Control Neon Size
  • Loopable Preview Screen
  • Save Video
  • Save Gif
  • Save Flipbook
  • Print Photo
  • Branded Overlay
  • Adjust Screen Resolution
  • Adjust Publish Settings
  • Light Control & Monitoring
  • Full White Labeling
  • Many more…
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Amazing Upgrade for Light Paint Lovers

Light Painting is a technique that is done via long exposure of DSLR Cameras. The digital camera can accumulate the light to a nice pattern and after the pattern creation, a photo is taken with the light results as the background. Neon Video Booth is even better! The process is quick. The process is presented in real time on the screen (simple for the guests to understand) and the results – priceless! The output here is not just a photo, but you can also output a video, gif file, and even save a flipbook.

Amazing Upgrade for Flipbook Lovers

Flipbooks are gaining more and more attentions these days. The enthusiasm around it reminds many of us the first days of the beloving Photo Booth. Differentiating your flipbook offering from your competition is getting harder to explain to the end customer. With Neon Video Booth you can offer more and win more events! Video Flip Creator customers can now enjoy offering a Neon Video Flipbook. Neon Video Flipbook can export flipbook files that can instantly be loaded to Video Flip Creator (since version 8.) The results: Stunning!! Make sure you can offer light paint flipbooks before the competition beats you on that.

Hardware Options & Requirements

  DIY Turn Key
Neon Video Booth Software
One Year of Free Upgrades and Support
Online Training Session Via Teamviewer
Marketing Materials
3 Filtered White Led Lights
1080p Webcam
All in One Computer
Black Backdrop
Lights with Soft Boxes
Additional TV & Stand (Optional)
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Neon Video Booth

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Neon Video Booth
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