Virtual Hero Game Studio

Virtual Hero Studio is a new party favor attraction where the Party Favor is a game app which is personalized and branded according to the event theme and the best part is the guests are the main characters!

The Workflow at the Event

Taking Picture: The guest puts on a green skirt and has their picture taken in front of a green screen.
Hand the Game Poster: The guest selects a game and a poster of the game and receives a print out with their face as the hero.
Amazing Party Favor: The guest can download the game using the QR Code on the photo to their tablet or smartphone and play with their amazing party favor at the event and even later at home.
Branding in Mind: The games’ backgrounds are fully branded and allow you to load any background you like.
Maximum Fun @ the Event: The guests will also be able to play their games at the event on IPAD stations that will gave them a taste of the amazing party favor they just received.
Attract Mode: Connecting another monitor to the software will allow you to present random heads playing the games using the built-in attract mode feature in Virtual Hero.
So Competitive: Most of the games support “High Score Table” which allows guests at the event to compete with each other in real time.

Notable Features

  • Open Event
  • Upload Branded JPG Background
  • Auto Green Screen
  • Green Screen Controller
  • Erase Tool
  • Undo / Redo
  • Rotate and Resize
  • Choose Game From Posters List
  • Save Heads
  • Reload From Saved Heads
  • Personlized & Branded Poster Print
  • Fun Attract Mode
  • Auto Upload Faces to the Server
  • And Many More...
Virtual Hero Software Details

Over 50 event rental companies and entertainment centers are using Virtual Hero, among them:

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The Games

Foto Master is constantly working on more and more new games for Virtual Hero Product, below you will find the list of games that the guest can take as a party favor, when they are the heroes:


Hero Dress Up

Hero dress up is the first game of a series of games designed for Virtual Hero Software. In this game, the event guest as the hero dresses up him/herself and saves/shares the results when they are done.




Hit The Hero

Hit the Hero is the second of a series of games designed for Virtual Hero Software. In this game, the event guest needs to hit him/herself as fast he/she can just like Whac-a-mole, but be careful not to hit the rabbit! A high score is presented to the guests, as well as other event guests’ scores.



Hero Jump

Hero Jump is the third of a series of games designed for Virtual Hero Software. In this game, the event guest needs to jump towards the top and beat the record by climbing the Hero Tower. A high score is presented to the guests, as well as other event guests’ scores.




Hero SlotMachine

Hero Slot Machine is the fourth of a series of games designed for Virtual Hero Software. In this game, the event guest face is loaded into a rolling slot machine that contain fruits and their face. The guest places a bet and wins according to the result. At any point the guest can open the high score table showing the results of other guests at the event.



Angry Hero

Angry Hero is the fifth of a series of games designed for Virtual Hero Software. In this game, the event guest’s face is loaded into a catapult and fired to hit the brown enemies. For each successful shot, the player scores points. At any point the guest can open the high score table showing the results of the other guests at the event.

  • Branded Hero Dress Up
    Branded Hero Dress Up
  • Branded Hit The Hero
    Branded Hit The Hero
  • Branded Hero Jump
    Branded Hero Jump
  • Branded Hero Jump
    Branded Hero Jump

Branding Options

At any event ranging from Bar Mitzvahs to Corporate events, you will be able to brand the game according to the theme of the event. We have developed the games in such a way that you can put your own background and logo in designated areas in the game. this will allow your guest to further view your/your customer branding for a long time after the event is over.

Amazing Pitch to Event Planners and End Customers

Virtual Hero is very easy to pitch! Instead of just explaining to your customer about your new exciting product, you can create a digital favor for them! Ask them to send you their company logo and one of their photos, then you can quickly create the game with their desired background and have their face as the hero.

They will load the game to their smart phones and tablets and will be amazed to understand that this will be the party favored that all their guest will get, each with their own head. It’s a winner!

Hardware Options & Requirements

  DIY Turn Key
Virtual Hero Software
One Year of Free Hosting, Upgrades and Support
5 Games: Apps / Online / Dasktop
Games Rollup Design
Dye Sub Printer
Green Screen Setup
Digital DSLR Camera
Ring Flash
Monitors + Stand for Attract Mode
IPAD Stations + IPAD Stands
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Package & License

Virtual Hero comes with a lifetime license and include one year of free hosting, upgrades and support with an optional renewal of 350$ for additional year start from the second year; No revenue Share, No hidden Fees. Once purchase is done you will receive the license key and download link within 24 hours to your email, it will also companion with The recommended hardware list, you will also receive access to our promotional folder in DropBox and we will schedule an online training session using TeamViewer with you when all the equipment arrive to make sure that you are ready to start using the product to it’s best.

Virtual Hero Studio

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  • “Do I need an Internet connection to use Virtual Hero at the event?”

    Yes, most of our customers purchase a Hot Spot for few bucks a month, due to the low monthly cost we recommend to come with 2, 1 as a backup.

  • “Are you keep developing new games?”

    Yes, we are constantly developing new games! Contact us to learn more about what’s in pipeline.

  • “Will I get new games for free?”

    Yes, as long as you renew your hosting and software upgrades for $350 you will. However, the first year is for free!

  • “Can I create my or my client custom game?”

    Yes, if you have a customer that would like to develop a game or extend any game capabilities according to their needs; our professional services team can help you achieve that.

  • “Are you selling the software only or a turn key system?”

    We sell both Do It Yourself System and/or Turn Key System. It’s up to you if you would like to save time or money. To get a detailed price quote according to your specific needs please contact us.

  • “What are the payment methods?”

    We work with either PayPal or Wire Transfer. You can also use a credit card PayPal.


  • “Virtual Hero is amazing! I have the customer calling me every time someone breaks the high score record! So funny!

    Alexandre Brugny , CEO Film Book (Rated 5 / 5) Alexandre Brugny
  • “The event was great. The college kids were really impressed with Game Hero.“

    Brian Chinino , Record a Hit (Rated 5 / 5) Brian Chinino
  • “I love it! I’m putting together my questions. This is a great idea!

    Nicholas Jensen , CEO Party Pix Photos Box (Rated 5 / 5) Nicholas Jensen
  • “Thank you for the training! The Bar Mitzvah kids loved virtual hero!

    Igor , General Manager, Visual Comet (Rated 5 / 5)
5 / 5 based on 4 ratings
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