Bobble Heads Software

Bobble Heads Software removes the green screen background and auto detects the head of the guest, allowing you to print and cut it quickly to produce the new bobble head party favor and hand it to the venue’s guests. Amazing and funny!

Bobble Heads
Bobble Heads

What is the Bobbleheads Software?

Bobble Heads Software allows you to load the guest’s photo and automatically removes any green screen chroma key background. The software will then auto detect the face and surround it with a black border. With that, you will be able to execute a print command followed by a cut command that will print out the guest’s face as a photo. You are then able to attach the face to a spring on a selected body and hand it to the guest as the new funny party favor. Bobble Heads Software also supports custom and branded bodies integration along with a cool and funny “Attract Mode” that shows a random head attached to a random body on a random background in a big screen that you bring. This attracts the audience to come and create their own Bobble Head.

Green Screen

This feature allows you to take the picture of the guest with a skirt and convert any green in the photo to transparent.

Green Screen Controller

Allows you to fine tune the result to perfect any light conditions.

Head Detection Feature

This feature helps the software detect the head in order to complete a perfect cut. No need to size and move it to some predefined circle, this feature makes the process quick and easy.

Save Heads

This feature loads heads again and creates different bodies from pre saved heads.

Attract Mode

This feature allows the viewing of a random saved face, body and background. This feature is displayed on an accompanying monitor and attracts the guests to come and create their own bobble heads.

Custom and Branded Bodies

This feature allows you to create your own custom bodies and add them to the software. The software’s attract mode can use your own custom bodies and display them on the monitor.

Cutting Command

This feature sends a cut command according to the detected head and cuts the print exactly where it should.

Smart UI

Our design allow your operators to easily use the software.

Over 30 Companies started to offer the new Bobble Heads attraction, among them:

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  • Example For Branded Attract Mode
    Example For Branded Attract Mode

What are the branding options that Bobble Heads offer?

Once the head & body are saved and printed throw the software, the pair will be presented in an animated and fun way on a large TV. The background in which it will be presented on is fully branded and pulled from a background folder, you can use 1 background or many and in this way further market the event.

Package & License

Bobbleheads Software comes with a lifetime license and include one year of free upgrades and support with an optional renewal of 150$ for additional year start from the second year; No revenue Share, No hidden Fees. Once purchase is done you will receive the license key and download link within 24 hours to your email, it will also companion with The recommended hardware list, you will also receive access to our promotional folder in Drop Box and we will schedule an online training session using Team Viewer with you when all the equipment arrive to make sure that you are ready to start using the product to his best.

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  • “Do we need to purchase the bodies from Foto Master?”

    Although you can purchase the bodies from us, with our software you will be able to manufacture the bodies yourself and save money per event. We do recommend to at least start by buying the first bulk from us and then, after your marketing and creating more and more demand, manufacture the bodies yourself and save money on the consumables per event.”

  • “How much time it takes to create a Bobble Heads?”

    On average the process will take 2 min per body.

  • “How many operators I need to run Bobble Heads at events?”

    We recommend two. If you need it very fast you can take three. If this is a very small event even, one will do the job.

  • “Are you selling the software only or a turn key system?”

    We sell both Do It Yourself System and/or Turn Key System. It’s up to you if you would like to save time or money. To get a detailed price quote according to your specific needs please contact us.

  • “What are the payment methods?”

    We work with either PayPal or Wire Transfer. You can also use a credit card PayPal.


  • Bobble Heads attraction is so good! check out our promo video that I have sent you.

    Ilya, Yaroslavl , CEO, Илья Медведев (Rated 5 / 5)
  • “The Turkish Market will love it! Just like the video flip, this is awesome!”

    Koray Özdemir , CEO Marketing Toys (Rated 5 / 5) Koray Özdemir
  • “I bought a different Bobbleheads Software and I wasn’t satisfied. Now that I have yours, I feel comfortable to re-market it!”

    Ari Bentolila , CEO AzefIr groupe (Rated 5 / 5)
  • “Many thanks for your help and answers! The event was very successful. We made a unique bobble head body for the AstraZeneca. They liked it!”

    Zsoldos István , Trim Hungary (Rated 5 / 5)
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