Event On The Cloud

Event on the Cloud is a companion service to Video Flip and AIR Graffiti that allows you to offer a long lasting online preview and social sharing of the digital party favors that the guests created at the event.

At the Event Workflow

  • The giveaway (either flipbook or photo) is printed with a QR Code.
  • Once the guest scans the QR Code it allows them to view their giveaway virtually on their device, computer, or at IPAD stations that you will bring to the event.
  • The guest can enjoy their virtual asset and can further share it to Twitter/Facebook, embed it, download it and further share with a click of a button.

Note: Alternatively to the QR Code, a URL and special code can be printed

Software Features


Brand your own landing page where the guests view the online flipbooks/images with your or your customers branding. You can also brand the “Enter Code Page” and mask the URL of Foto Master to your URL.

Open Events on the Cloud

Login to the Cloud Server and manage your events, create / delete / update your events.

Real Time assets upload to the cloud

Before you even print and hand the party favor to your guest, the asset will be uploaded in real time to the cloud and will can be accessed by the guest.

Run in the Background mode

No need to view or click on Event on the Cloud at the event. Everything happens seamlessly in the background. You just open the Event on the Cloud agent, click start and minimize it. The agent will monitor the desired folder and will upload the new creations to the cloud.

Preview the online flipbook/image anytime & anywhere

Event on the cloud is very special due to that the guest can further share the online flipbook after the event and not only at the event. The cloud storage you have allows you to host those flipbooks and photos, presents them and allows for sharing anytime on any device.

Share via Facebook

Allow the guests to share their digital creations at the event and after the event on their Facebook wall.

Share via Twitter

Allow the guests to share their digital creations at the event and after the event on twitter.

Collect Email & Names

You can choose whether or not to collect users name and email before they can view their creations online. This is good for trade shows and market outreach for your client base or your customer’s client base.

Embed assets

Copy and Paste embed code allows the guest to embed their flipbook or AIR Graffiti photo on any website.

Advanced Social Configurations

Allows you to use your own facebook /twitter / youtube accounts to publish through your/your customers white labeled apps.

Usage Examples

Offering Event On The Cloud as a service is very easy. You can either use our URL: http://share.footoomaster.com and direct the customer to it, or hide our url by embedding our site in your website using an iframe (we supply all the info and code on how to add it).
Here is an example that one of our customer did: http://iheartflipbooks.com/share/ You can either do that and embed our design in your website, or do a full customization and brand your own page from scratch. For example, one of our customers did this: http://www.noonah.co.uk/coke/ for Coca Cola. Once you input the code, you can view the branded event on the cloud page where you can further share your digital giveaway.


Few examples:
Event with Green Screen
XBOX Event
White Screen
Call of Duty Event
Wedding Flipbook
Using Video Flip Effects
Group Flipbook
He is so lucky
Wedding Flipbook


Here is a new example from Event On The Cloud with AIR Graffiti to coca cola event:

Package & Licnese

Event on the Cloud is a “Cancel at anytime Service”. You pay a one time registration fee of 350$ and then a fixed monthly fee according to the selected package.

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