Flipbook Creator Software: Video Flip

Video Flip Software is an outstanding software that allows the creation of hardcover video flipbooks in less than 90 seconds! A laptop, a webcam, a printer and a cutter are the most you need to create this magnificent piece of memorabilia.

Video Flip Software
Video Flip Software

Why Video Flip Software?

  • Pay once, get it all: Your purchase entitles you to a lifetime Foto Master VideoFlip License. No monthly payments, no hidden fees.
  • Immediate ROI: the standard fee for a Video Flip rental is about $450 per hour, $1800 per 4 hour event, which means you will receive a return on your investment after the first few events!
  • Amazing attraction: Video Flip is sure to create a massive buzz, leading to huge exposure and returning customers.
  • FREE TRIAL! We value our product, and will be more than happy to let you test it. Please download and test Video Flip software and assess it yourself to make sure it answers all your needs. Miss something? tell us, and most likely you will have it in the next version if not the one after.
  • Ask the developers: Being the developers of Video Flip Software, we can design additional features per your request, enhancing and tuning the product to suit your specific needs.
  • Two birds with one stone: Video Flip Creator software is cross platform and works on both Mac and Windows laptops.
  • 1 Year of Free Upgrades: With the purchase of Video Flip Creator you get one year of upgrades for FREE! Can be renewed for $250 per year for additional full year of free upgrades.
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High Quality Prints

Video Flip software support the best configuration to print the perfect quality Flip Books.

Best Green Screen Technology

Allows you to use custom or out of the box videos/photos as a flipbook background.

Flexible Layouting System

This Feature allows you to support many type of cutters and paper sizes, you can use either letter, or A4 paper, you can also use a 12 cards on page or 10 cards on page and in many different orders to support any cutter exist.

Unique Overlay Feature

This feature allow you to add a unique foreground to add extra fun, we recommend to use this feature with the green screen background feature for maximum fun.

Text overlay

This feature allows you to add a moving title at the speed of the flipbook, you can write whatever you like and also choose any font that it’s on your computer.

Usability in Mind

Easy and intuitive interface allow the guests to operate the software intuitively.

Configurable size and quality

This feature allows you to control both the video and the webcam quality to insure maximum presentation control and guest interaction.

Advanced hidden settings

With a quick keyboard short cut you can reveal/hide advanced settings that allows you to control Preview/Print/Save options and more…

Save Flipbooks and Video

Allows you to save a Video File on your PC to later load them or share them online.

Full Screen Mode

This feature allows you to hide the toolbars and show only the recording screen without the windows tool bars and the software settings

QR Code Integration

Upload your Flip books to the web in real time and allow your client’s guest to further share their creations. For more info please visit Foto Master’s Event on the Cloud Service.

Cool Effects

Video Flip Creator support a Cool Effects List form which you can apply on the recorded video, among the effects you can find: black & white, sepia, fish eye, and many more.

Over 150 event rental companies are using our Mobile Flipbook Studio, among them:

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  • Video Flip Creator Software @ Event
    Video Flip Creator Software @ Event

Who can benefit from Video Flip Creator?

Video Flip Creator is an outstanding idea for setting up a business in the party rentals field. The investment is fairly small and the ROI is immediate. Of course, if you are “already there”, it can also serve as a valuable and innovative addition to your list of services and rentals. DJ’s and party rental companies, entertainment centers and photo booth owners are all included in the list of our satisfied customers.

Package & License

Video Flip Software comes with a lifetime license and include one year of free upgrades and support with an optional renewal of 250$ for additional year start from the second year; No revenue Share, No hidden Fees. Once purchase is done you will receive the license key and download link within 24 hours to your email, it will also companion with The recommended hardware list, you will also receive access to our promotional folder in Drop Box and we will schedule an online training session using Team Viewer with you when all the equipment arrive to make sure that you are ready to start using the product to it’s best.

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Products Based on Video Flip Creator Software

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  • “Does it works on Window and Mac?”

    Yes! The Video Flip software is cross platform and works on Mac as well as on Windows.

  • “How I create the cover?”

    Regarding the cover, you have 2 options:

    a. Professional Covers – you can send a cover that includes the back cover to a local print house, which can produce clean and professional looking covers (most of the time the client pay extra for it). Once your purchase is complete, we will share with you our templates for covers.

    b. Simple Cover – you use the custom card feature when you load 1 card (the first is most common) as the cover. This is not a full cover but only additional 1 card as the cover.

  • “Where I can find the hardware?”

    If you choose to save money and purchase the hardware yourself it’s very easy!Once your purchase is complete, you will receive the list of recommended hardware from us. You will be able to quickly shop online or in local stores to assemble the new product in no time.

  • “How I create an Overlay?”

    Overlay is a PNG file. You create it with either photoshop or any other software that can export transparent png files. The overlay will be above the video. The best way to utilize this feature is with a matched cool background. This allows you to create 3 nice layers for maximum wow factor. We also offer design services with our amazing designer Yael. Contact us for more info.

  • “How the share to social networks work?”

    We have integrated Video Flip Creator with another service that we offer called Event On The Cloud. For more info about Event on the cloud click here.

  • “Can I create a video montage with the videos that saved at the event?”

    Of course! Most of our customers offer this extra service to their clients. You can either use an online video editing tool like Animoto or a desktop tools like Pro Show Gold to create a nice video montage in no time. Just drag the videos, select random effects and transitions and export.

  • “How much to charge per hour?”

    Good question. It mostly depends on the Country/State that you will offer your flipbook services in. From customer feedback we can say that in the US the average per hour is 450$ with 2 or 3 hour minimums. Of course you add extra on green screen, traveling, etc…

  • “Will you help us with promotion materials?”

    Yes! We have a Dropbox folder with many event photos for you to use.

  • “What are the payment methods?”

    We work with either PayPal or Wire Transfer, if you want to use a creadit card PayPal offer that is possible too.

  • “Can I change the background and Logo of the software?”

    Yes you can! Once purchase is complete, we will send you the instructions on how to replace video flip logo and the software background with your own logo. This will allow you to replace the background to yours/your customer branding every time and include your logo in the software.

  • “Are you selling the software only or a turn key system?”

    We sell both Do It Yourself System and/or Turn Key System. It’s up to you if you would like to save time or money. To get a detailed price quote according to your specific needs please contact us here.

  • “What are the payment methods?”

    We work with either PayPal or Wire Transfer. You can also use a credit card PayPal.


  • “It has only been a week since I bought Video Flip and I have already done my first event. After that event I got so much more demand, it was amazing! I will need 2 more licenses as soon as possible.”

    Koray ÖZDEMİR , CEO Marketing Toys (Rated 5 / 5) Koray ÖZDEMİR
  • “We researched and tested numerous products and chose yours”

    Jason Moran , Bopping Heads (Rated 5 / 5) Jason Moran
  • “We used the Flip Books on Wednesday night and it was amazing!! We did about 150 books during a 4 hour event and we were constantly busy. Our staff learned how to do it and they got faster and faster as the night went on. Then on Thursday, we set it up at an Event Industry trade show and people loved it too! It really distinguished our booth and generated a lot of excitement. I made a couple of travel boxes for the equipment and will send you photos when we get a chance. Thank you for all your help!”

    David Hart , Hart Entertinment (Rated 5 / 5) David Hart
  • “Hi Boaz. We are doing our second  flip movie party of the day. Everything is perfect! The images are soooo clear and everyone is soooo happy. My wife and I love you!”

    Jonathan Swartz , 808 Flipbooks (Rated 5 / 5) Jonathan Swartz
  • “Superb, job well done, green screen works great now. A major improvement of Flipbook Creator. My compliments and thanks”

    Alex de Smit , Funpix (Rated 5 / 5) Alex de Smit
  • “How did you make such a massive change to the chroma key in this version?! We tried turning off the front lights and it still worked perfectly.  Feel very comfortable running green screen flipbooks.”

    Glen Battershell , Time Out Entertainment (Rated 5 / 5) Glen Battershell
5 / 5 based on 6 ratings
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