Virtual Hero Software

Virtual Hero Software removes the green screen background, auto detects the head of the guest, and then transmits the head based the selected game to a server that allows you to produce for your client’s guest a branded game app where the guest is the hero.

Virtual Hero Software
Virtual Hero Software

How Virtual Hero Software Works?

Virtual Hero Software allows you to open an event and upload any branded background per “Virtual Hero Game” before the event starts. At the event, the guests have a picture of their face taken in front of a green screen. The software will then remove the green screen background and automatically detect the face, extract it and save it. The guest will select a game on the “Games Rollup” and you will be able to print and hand the guest their desired game poster with their face as the hero and a QR Code to download their selected game to any device or tablet. Virtual Hero Software also allows you to show a nice Attract Mode of a random game running with a random guest from the current event on a big screen to attract the guests to come and create their own game. This new concept of customizing game apps is taking over the events and rental industry.

Open Event

This feature allows you to create a new event on the remote server that will serve to store all the heads that are captured at the event.

Upload Branded Background

This feature allows you to upload a different background per game per event before the event start.

Auto Green Screen

This feature automatically removes the green and leave the head only for quick and easy work flow.

Green Screen Controller

This feature allows you to fine tuning the green screen results if you wish to do so.

Erase Tool

Allows you to erase parts that you don’t want to appear in the face and create your desired shape that will appear in the game.

Undo / Redo Buttons

Allows you to return a step back if you erased something that you like to keep or did mistake with the eraser and you would like to take a step back or forward.

Game Posters List

You can select any games from the built in list or white label and edit the printed poster, we have few customers that even changed the QR Code to SMS code and integrated Virtual Hero with that.

Rotate and Resize The Head

Control Sliders allows you to resize and rotate the guest head to create the perfect photo and unforgettable favor that you are about to hand him with.

Saved Heads List

The head lists allows you to reload heads that were saved before and create new and different games for the guest that you have already took their photos.

Poster Print

Poster print feature allows you to print the photo with the QR Code and the guest game code and hand them to the guest to further download the game to his tablet / smartphone and enjoy is new party favor – his game.

Attract Mode

Allows you to show on a big TV on Stand at the event a pre-played games that randomly load the event guest heads’, event background and present it on a separate monitor.

Sending Faces to the Server

This feature sends and monitors the saved faces, generates a code for them and sends it to the server for current and future use.

Over 50 event rental companies and entertainment centers are using Virtual Hero, among them:

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Package & License

Virtual Hero comes with a lifetime license and include one year of free hosting, upgrades and support with an optional renewal of 350$ for additional year start from the second year; No revenue Share, No hidden Fees. Once purchase is done you will receive the license key and download link within 24 hours to your email, it will also companion with The recommended hardware list, you will also receive access to our promotional folder in Drop Box and we will schedule an online training session using Team Viewer with you when all the equipment arrive to make sure that you are ready to start using the product to it’s best.

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Products that Based on Virtual Hero Software

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  • “Do I need an Internet connection to use Virtual Hero at the event?”

    Yes, most of our customers purchase a Hot Spot for few bucks a month, due to the low monthly cost we recommend to come with 2, 1 as a backup.

  • “Are you keep developing new games?”

    Yes, we are constantly developing new games! Contact us to learn more about what’s in pipeline.

  • “Will I get new games for free?”

    Yes, as long as you renew your hosting and software upgrades for $350 you will. However, the first year is for free!

  • “Can I create my or my client custom game?”

    Yes, if you have a customer that would like to develop a game or extend any game capabilities according to their needs; our professional services team can help you achieve that.

  • “Are you selling the software only or a turn key system?”

    We sell both Do It Yourself System and/or Turn Key System. It’s up to you if you would like to save time or money. To get a detailed price quote according to your specific needs please contact us.

  • “What are the payment methods?”

    We work with either PayPal or Wire Transfer. You can also use a credit card PayPal.


  • “Virtual Hero is amazing! I have the customer calling me every time someone breaks the high score record! So funny!

    Alexandre Brugny , CEO Film Book (Rated 5 / 5) Alexandre Brugny
  • “The event was great. The college kids were really impressed with Game Hero.“

    Brian Chinino , Record a Hit (Rated 5 / 5) Brian Chinino
  • “I love it! I’m putting together my questions. This is a great idea!

    Nicholas Jensen , CEO Party Pix Photos Box (Rated 5 / 5) Nicholas Jensen
  • “Thank you for the training! The Bar Mitzvah kids loved virtual hero!

    Igor , General Manager, Visual Comet (Rated 5 / 5)
5 / 5 based on 4 ratings
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