Why Foto Master?

Over 950 event rentals companies and family entertainment centers are already using Foto Master’s interactive & innovative digital products.

Join us and experience Foto Master’s advantage for yourself.

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10 Reasons to Choose FotoMaster

  1. 1 The products ROI is amazing. When we go and develop a product the first thing we simulate is the ROI, with Foto Master’s products you will be able to charge more and have a tremendously quick return on investment.
  2. 2 A proven track record. We’re committed to your success – just ask Hart Entertainment, Hype Productions, Creative Event Services, Total Entertainment, A Custom Look Photography, VANS, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Pump it Up and others. Learn More »
  3. 3 Supporting you before, after, and at the event, anywhere, anytime. Your money is worth more with Foto Master! We value your business, your customers requests and your needs. We will support you before you setup the system, after, and at any event. You’ll never meet a company which is that committed to their customers.
  4. 4 Benefit from our custom development to other customers. We add customer requests to our agenda and develop it in no time, their need today might be your need tomorrow. When our vendors ask for some change that their customer asked them about, they find that it’s already possible and integrated into our product.
  5. 5 Social Features In a Box. The social integration is very important. Every product should have integration with Facebook, twitter, and more social networks. We also developed hosting services to allow further social capabilities at the event and more special AFTER.
  1. 6 The special party favor element. Most of our products are designed to create an innovative party favor. Whether it’s a Photo / Flipbook / Bobble Head / Game APP, you can offer and charge for it..
  2. 7 We are the source. We are not a rentals company and not a Family Entertainment Centers Chain. Our main focus and 100% of our effort is to manufacture incredible interactive entertainment attractions. Read about the lead developer (and owner).
  3. 8 Going the extra mile. We know that revenues do not start flowing by themselves. Even though you bought the perfect product, you still need to market and promote. We have many videos and photos that we will share with you that will help you sell and give you the advantage you are looking for.
  4. 9 Helping you to think. You might have nice ideas that further need development or fine tuning. Just ask and we will brainstorm together - you will love the way we think...
  5. 10 We care about fun. Helping you find the best solutions for your entertainment-related business challenges is our goal.