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Over 2000 companies rely on Foto Master's innovative products to help them stand out from the crowd using interactive entertainment & photo booths.

Meet the Team

The Foto Master team is made up of a group of individuals that reflect the same high standards we hold for our products. Unique, innovative, bright, and personable, the brains behind Foto Master are driven by a passion for the industry and a collective belief in delivering high-quality products and unparalleled support.

Profile Picture: Yael Telem
Yael Telem

Yael Telem

The First Lady.

With an eye for detail, handling the accounting and designing product artwork & marketing materials is an easy task for our Bookkeeper and Graphic Designer, Yael. There are times we also consider adding “Office Chef” and “Boss’s Boss” to her job description. Always dressed in bright hues and giggling her way through the office, Yael brightens up the space with her presence.

Profile Picture: Boaz Telem
Boaz Telem

Boaz Telem

The Visionary.

From Product & Software Developer to Business Developer to General Team Manager to Anything-Technology-Related-Genius, our Co-Founder & CEO; Boaz, does it all. Even if you were to put him in front of a StarCraft II game with a tub of vanilla ice cream, his Skype status would still read “Available”. His favorite part of the job? Knowing that our innovations create utter happiness.

Profile Picture: Ron Malkin
Ron Malkin

Ron Malkin

The Lawyer.

Ron is one of our Co-Founders and a Legal Consultant. He’s the one we run to when we need advice, but don’t let his “serious” title fool you – Ron has an adventurous side that urges him to jump out of airplanes from time to time.

Profile Picture: Jake Leibovitch
Jake Leibovitch

Jake Leibovitch

The Creative.

His job title is VP of Operations, but Jake spreads his creativity like fairy dust. Hand Jake a coffee & croissant and he’s fueled up for filming and editing company videos, handling support calls and helping out the R&D team. He accepts ‘Thank You’s’ in the form of vanilla toffee crunch ice cream.

Profile Picture: Arye Khalatnik
Arye Khalatnik

Arye Khalatnik

The Marketer.

Arye works as VP of Marketing for Foto Master, developing platforms and functions to optimize marketing, selling and other operational processes. His charismatic, data-oriented mind and passion for success help drive business forward… and may even change the world one day. In the meantime, he’s developing in his office over a bowl of vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream, making sure we’re always ten steps ahead of the game. When Arye’s not at work, you can find him playing post-apocalyptic video games or online shopping for virtual reality headsets.

Profile Picture: Ron Assa
Ron Assa

Ron Assa

The Go-Getter.

As the VP of Production, Ron’s job entails organization and delegation. Overseeing all manufacturing operations, he comes up and sorts through plans with the design team and coordinates the development with the manufacturing team. He keeps fueled on junk food and inspiring brainstorm sessions with the team over lunch. At the end of the day, Ron ensures all results end up the same way he likes his steak; well-done.

Profile Picture: Barry Cohen
Barry Cohen

Barry Cohen

The Smooth Operator.

Barry is a salesman by day, “Jungle Boogie” man by night. His role at Foto Master includes selling our bad-a** products, answering customer emails, calls, managing our Facebook page, and humming some 80’s funk around the office in between. If you’re looking to know the ins and outs of our products, Barry’s your man. He loves hearing feedback on how happy you are with your product …and that Pinot Noir he suggested on your last phone conversation. His engaging personality may make you want to cancel that afternoon coffee break just to chat with him longer.

Profile Picture: Adam Zachmy
Adam Zachmy

Adam Zachmy

The Natural.

Adam is one of our Sales Managers who we quickly realized was the missing piece of the puzzle after joining the team. He handles an abundance of varying tasks on a daily basis, but never without a smile (or a slice of homemade lasagna). With years of experience in Sales and an incredibly friendly character, you’ll get service that makes you feel supported, transparent answers to all of your questions and entertaining conversations that make you feel like you’ve known him for years! He may seem quiet but his presence is loud.

Profile Picture: Jacob Madwed
Jacob Madwed

Jacob Madwed

The All-American.

As our Operations Manager, Jacob’s main focus is to ship all the hardware that pairs with our software – but his job doesn’t stop there! This sociable guy is reliable and approachable. Catch him at our trade-shows, beer in hand, wooing clients over with his wit and knowledge of our products. Favorite TV show? House of Cards. Why? Zoe Barnes.

Profile Picture: Daniel Madwed
Daniel Madwed

Daniel Madwed

The People-Person.

It’s no wonder our Sales Manager has a huge fear of missing out – Daniel has an outgoing personality which makes him the life of the party. His favorite part about working at FotoMaster? Communicating with clients from all over the world, helping these clients find new ways to utilize our products, and when he’s not on a call… dancing to Rihanna’s latest hit.

Profile Picture: Rita Zaychik
Rita Zaychik

Rita Zaychik

The Globe-Trotter.

Rita brings the sunshine to the office with her, even on the rainiest of days! Her warm presence is hard to ignore and easy to appreciate, which must be the reason why our clients rave about her. Her ability to approach every situation in a relaxed and professional manner suit her position as Senior Operations Manager perfectly. Her philosophy? “There is a solution for EVERYTHING”. You can find Rita working on the Foto Master knowledge-base, software QA, tech support… and filling her passport with as many stamps possible!

Profile Picture: Myranda Davlouros
Myranda Davlouros

Myranda Davlouros

The Perfectionist.

Whether it’s writing articles or coordinating photo-shoots, our Marketing Manager, Myranda, loves to learn about FotoMaster’s products and their upgrades and relay this information to the world. Coming up with new concepts to enhance the company image, Myranda believes in showing the best version of your brand. She is also a strong believer in naps and trying new things… Like Yael’s dessert recipes.

Profile Picture: Or Ohanona
Or Ohanona

Or Ohanona

The “Canadian” At Heart.

Or has a deep love for hot food and cold climates. As our Design & Product Manager, Or works his magic on creating beautiful designs… as long as the AC is on full-blast. He is the creative designer behind the innovative, eye-catching products you see, and manages production to make sure our products are developed with the highest-quality materials. He has a love for Japanese culture and spends his time blasting Kanye West to get his inventive mind flowing with ideas!

Profile Picture: Lior Ben Yosef
Lior Ben Yosef

Lior Ben Yosef

The Entertainer.

Though her title as Operations Manager and Support Agent suits her well, Lior also has a knack for cracking jokes with her “amazing team of superheros”, as she refers to them. One of her favorite parts of working at Foto Master is the collaborative effort involved. She thrives in a team environment and genuinely enjoys helping her clients. When she’s not at the office, she’s still taking client calls… while scarfing down some Ben & Jerry’s chocolate brownie ice cream. So whether it’s a technical question, a lesson in getting to know your software, or a good pun, Lior is always “ON”.

Profile Picture: Mike Bergman
Mike Bergman

Mike Bergman

The Crowd-Pleaser.

Mike is another one of our Support managers that offers clear-cut answers to even the most technical of questions. His favorite part about working at Foto Master is problem-solving, he genuinely enjoys hearing what a huge success his client’s event was. What will you get when working with Mike? Quality customer service… and maybe a one-liner from Rick & Morty; his favorite television show.

Profile Picture: Dar Zusman
Dar Zusman

Dar Zusman

The Queen of Organization

Dar is our super organized, ever-so-friendly, Logistics Manager. She gets through the day with a large cup of coffee in hand and mid-day dance breaks, all while handling customer orders in a timely manner. When she’s not foreseeing events so that our production line runs smoothly, Dar is watching a scandalous telenovela over gnocchi in her PJs.

Profile Picture: Matt Franks
Matt Franks

Matt Franks

The Charmer.

As the UK General Manager, Matt takes care of everything from A-Z. He has an eagerness to learn about all the latest developments, a strong desire to win clients over with these innovative products and an appetite of someone twice his size. With a great sense of humor and upbeat energy, Matt is a favorite amongst our UK & Ireland clients. The key to his heart? A fresh gourmet meal in a place he has yet to travel.

Profile Picture: Richard Newall
Richard Newall

Richard Newall

The Techy.

Richard keeps busy as UK Technical Manager with hardware building, R&D, training, support, and design. While his main goal at FotoMaster is to create fun new event experiences, we’ve also found a hidden talent of this seemingly reserved guy – he can do wonderful renditions of Queen and The Police hits (when he thinks no one is watching). He’s reliable, diligent, and a big believer that home is wherever the WiFi connects automatically.

Profile Picture: Kyleey Walters
Kyleey Walters

Kyleey Walters

The Broadway Star.

We sometimes wonder if she’s using her alter-ego; Julie Andrews, to win over clients, but hey… whatever gets the job done! As Account & Sales Manager, Kyleey is a key player on the UK team. Her drive for success combined with an outgoing personality make the energy Kyleey gives off hard to resist. When she’s not busy introducing our products to new clients, you’ll find her cozying up in a blanket with some Haagen-Dasz strawberry cheesecake flavored ice cream while binge-watching the latest documentaries on Netflix.

10 Reasons to Choose Foto Master

Combining unique concepts with innovative yet simple-to-use software, Foto Master aims to make each occasion an outstanding one. The result; a remarkable return on investment for businesses and a priceless experience for users. Why choose Foto Master? Simply put, because we are masters of the trade.


A Unique Experience

All of our products are designed with the intent of standing out from any other entertainment system. Check out our products to see how you can add a unique touch to your business.


Your Money’s Worth

Before we begin developing a product, our first question is “how much will our customers benefit from this?” We make sure all of our products offer a quick return on investment for our consumers and a priceless experience for users.


Support, Support, Support

Program support, technical support, training support, media support, you name it – Foto Master is here for you every step of the way. Meet our team to see how we can best serve your company.


A Proven Track Record

We are 100% committed to your success, just ask our customers.


In-House Development

Our main focus as a company is to create complete, simple-to-use, various interactive software that are 100% our own. From software to hardware, we are manufacturers of carefully crafted digital entertainment products.



You’ll get by with a little help from your friends at Foto Master. To help get your revenue flowing, we’ll supply you with a wide array of photos and videos to easily market and promote your Foto Master products.


Social Media Sharing

Always keeping up with the modern world, we recognize the importance of social media. All of our products have social networking integrated into their software, which means you can post to your favorite social media platforms directly from the event.


A Fresh Perspective

Great minds think… differently! Some customers approach us with ideas that need further development. We are happy to collaborate with you to brainstorm and build new concepts that will drive success to your entertainment-related business.


Pure Entertainment

Our overall goal is to find the best solution for your business in the entertainment industry!


Custom Development

When customers have specific requests, we do our best to address them. Whether it’s developing a new animation or adding a high-in-demand feature, we often integrate customized demands into our software for everyone’s benefit.

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