Rear Screen Enclosure

AIR Graffiti Wall uses a rear projection screen to show the digital graffiti creation and to create the look and feel of spraying on a real wall.

When you first arrive to the event you set up the Rear Projection Screen, put the short throw projector behind the screen and position the IR Webcam above the projector on a Tripod. Then after closing the back, the laptop will project the AIR Graffiti output on the wall and create the amazing digital graffiti wall experience. When you purchase the AIR Graffiti Software, you can choose two ways to acquire the setup.

  • Purchase a shelf product: For example, one could purchase Folded Draper Rear Screen and create a custom enclosure with pipes and drapes. This solution should cost you around $920 for the screen and then additional $500 for the custom enclosure.
  • Purchase a pro Rear Screen Enclosure: It’s a special Foto Master & Draper’s product called the Pro Rear projection Screen & Enclosure. This product comes with aluminum bars, strong metal connectors, screen surface, black drapes for all sides (front/back/right/left/top) and a road case. This solution costs $2990 and it is the most complete and professional solution for AIR Graffiti Wall.
Air Graffiti Wall: Enclosure Illustration
Wall Enclosure Illustration
Air Graffiti Wall: Enclosure Illustration
Wall Enclosure Illustration

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