Photo Mosaic Wall: We Are in It Together!

The ground-breaking photo mosaic station with the fastest return on investment in the event rentals industry.

Creates jaw-dropping digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time. Produces top quality masterpieces using an exclusive, state-of-the-art algorithm.

The Photo Mosaic Wall in a Nutshell

The Photo Mosaic Wall creates digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time. The photos are automatically fetched from Instagram, Twitter, on-site photo booths, an on-site photographer’s camera, and more.

The photo mosaic wall makes everyone at the event feel like once you look at the big picture, we’re all in it together. From up-close, you see individual photos – further back, the mosaic is revealed.

In a ‘physical setup’: The Photo Mosaic Wall automatically prints photos as stickers. Guests can engage in the interactive experience by placing their photo stickers on the mosaic board.

In a ‘digital setup’: The mosaic generation process is either projected (using a projector) or displayed on a large-screen TV. The photos transition into their place on the mosaic in real-time with a 3D effect.

The end result: A beautiful mosaic of photos from the event.

An Extremely Fast ROI

1-2 Corporate Events

or 2-7 Private Events

Typical Event Income

$7,000-$25,000 at Corporate Events

or $2,000-$8,000 at Private Events

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Know the product's advantages.

Creates Physical & Digital Mosaics
Creates Any Size Mosaic
A 'True Mosaic' Matching Algorithm
Print Rate Per Event Duration
Supports Green Screen Photos
'Smart Crop' with Face Detection
Saves High-Res Mosaic Files, up to 27K!
Gets Photos from Twitter Hashtag
Gets Photos from Instagram Account
Gets Photos from MMS
Gets Photos from Photo Booths
Gets Photos from Roaming Photographer
And More! (Described Below)
Photo Mosaic Wall: 'BMW Logo'
Produces true masterpieces without photo opacity abuse

Produces True Mosaic Masterpieces

The algorithm behind the Photo Mosaic Wall is a global breakthrough with exclusively developed image analysis functions. The advanced technology allows you to produce true mosaic masterpieces in real-time without abuse of destructive techniques like opacity reduction, colorization and photo repetition.

Completes The Mosaic On Time, Every Time

The Photo Mosaic Wall makes sure your mosaic will be complete by the time the event ends. It maintains a steady print rate with dynamic adjustment of photo selection factors based on time-related calculations, statistics and data about the currently available photos.

Determines Ideal Photo Placements

The Photo Mosaic Wall determines the ideal placement of each photo on the mosaic wall with minimum or no destructive manipulations by applying in-depth color profiling algorithms.

Smart About Photo Cropping

The Photo Mosaic Wall utilizes face detection algorithms for smart cropping when converting the aspect ratio of an original photo to an aspect ratio of a tile.

Supports Any Mosaic Size

Grid and tile sizes are fully customizable. The Photo Mosaic Wall also includes an event simulator that calculates the recommended event duration and expected media costs based on your selections.

Supports Three Operation Modes

  • FIFO (First photo IN > First photo OUT): a mode that focuses on participant interaction, lets participants stick their photos right after they’re fetched.
  • MAX MATCH: a mode that focuses on the ultimate quality of the final mosaic, can momentarily hold photos to allow for better matches.
  • GREEN SCREEN: a mode that expects green screen photos and replaces the green background with the final photo’s pixels – leaving the subject un-manipulated!

Sources for Live Event Photos

The Photo Mosaic Wall is capable of fetching live event photos from a variety of sources that can be used simultaneously.

Twitter Hashtag

Pick a fun hashtag for the event and advertise it around the venue. Guests can then take a selfie, tag it, ‘tweet’ it and have it automatically fetched by the Photo Mosaic Wall.

Instagram Account + Hashtag

You can use your company’s Instagram account to take photos of the activity, tag these photos with a unique hashtag and have them fetched automatically by the Photo Mosaic Wall.

On-site Photographer

Get those professionally taken photos automatically sent from the photographer’s camera directly to the Photo Mosaic Booth. All you need is the photographer to take photos with a wireless SD card connected to the local wireless network or hotspot and you’ve got yourself professional grade photos synced with the mosaic activation in real-time.


The ‘PC-Agent’ is a separate, versatile software that wirelessly connects between on-site photo sources and the Photo Mosaic Wall – fetching and forwarding freshly-taken photos from on-site hashtag printers, photo booths, photographer’s cameras, cloud storage services and more.

A fun fact about the PC-Agent is that it doesn’t require an internet connection or cables to connect between devices. All it needs is a local wireless connection or a hotspot connection to be shared between all of the devices.

Each PC-Agent also keeps track of fetched files from each individual device and sends only the latest photos to the Photo Mosaic Wall.

Photo Mosaic Wall: A photo booth as a source
Using an on-premise photo booth as a source

On-site Photo Booth (via PC-Agent)

Have any photo booths at the event? These photos can be a wonderful addition to the mosaic activation. Simply install a PC-Agent on the computer running the photo booth software, select the photos folder and it will take care of the sync automatically.

Hashtag Printer (via PC-Agent)

If you already own and use a hashtag printer service, the Photo Mosaic Wall can fetch and use these photos for the mosaic activation as well. Simply install a PC-Agent on the computer connected to the printer, select a folder to sync and the agent will take care of the rest.

Google Photos, Dropbox, Etc.

You can have the computer sync photos from any other service that you’d like (e.g. synced folders of Google Drive/Dropbox ) and the PC-Agent will automatically send them to the Photo Mosaic Wall as they come.

Setup Options

Live Digital Mosaic

A digital setup of the Photo Mosaic Wall can serve as a practically effortless, yet still amazing event attraction. Simply hook up a computer with Foto Master’s Photo Mosaic Wall software to a large screen TV or projector. Setup your fetching sources (social-media and PC-Agents) and you’re done! Enjoy the show.

If you already own a photo booth you can easily up-sale it with a digital Photo Mosaic Wall setup and almost no further efforts on your side. This holds true as well if you’re a professional photographer. Actually, it’s true even if you’re not in the event rentals business yet. It’s such a powerful and easy option.

The Photo Mosaic Wall software will automatically transition new event photos onto their ideal location with a 2D or a 3D animation of your choice. In time periods where there are no new photos to fetch, the digital mosaic will keep displaying animations of random photos “peeling off” and then reappearing in their place. We call this the ‘Mosaic Slideshow’ mode.

Live Physical Mosaic

It’s the absolute ultimate keepsake for event hosts and creates a meaningful experience like no other for event guests. The physical setup of the Photo Mosaic Wall allows you to create stunning mosaics on physical boards ranging from small to gigantic.

Event guests can take part in the creation process, place their photos on the mosaic wall and see them become a part of the whole. The final mosaic board can be framed and kept by the event’s hosts as a souvenir that doubles as a work of art.

The basic physical mosaic setup consists of a board with a numbered grid, a single printer, printing consumables, and of course, a laptop with the Photo Mosaic Wall software installed and configured for the event. Foto Master offers direct supply of all of the hardware including additional items: A designated, modular LEGO wall. A selection of frames in different sizes. Four different sizes of numbered grid boards.

The Photo Mosaic Wall software also includes an ‘Event Simulator’ that helps you choose the optimal grid size, the amount of consumables you will need and their cost based on the event’s length and other factors. Read more about the ‘Event Simulator’ in the next section.

Software Options

Customize Anything

We love giving our customers lots of power & control so they can stretch the limits and do amazing things with our products. The Photo Mosaic Wall software lets you control pretty much anything (if you’d like to).

Here are some of the included options: Set any final image, algorithm mode (FIFO/Max Match/Green Screen), folder monitoring rate, printing settings, mosaic aspect ratio, amount of tiles, tile size, tile opacity threshold, photo sources settings and more.

Photo Mosaic Wall: Software, Event Simulator, Screenshot

Event Simulator

The software also includes an event simulator. This section is designed to make your preparations for an event a fun & easy experience. The simulator will automatically calculate expected expenses for printing consumables, provide best practices regarding selection of grid size, tiles sizes and amounts according to the specific event’s specification.

High-Resolution Mosaic Saving

Once the activation is over the software will automatically generate a digital file of the final mosaic image in a resolution of up to 27K.


Discover Foto Master's added value.

Supply of Exclusive Leads

Upon your purchase of the Photo Mosaic Wall, you will be given access to the ‘Lead Distribution Platform’ (LDP) – a dedicated system developed by Foto Master to help you speed up your return on investment.

The system automatically provides you with contact details of people (leads) currently interested in renting the Photo Mosaic Wall in your area.

  • The leads are sourced by Foto Master directly.
  • The leads are shared quickly, keeping them current for you.
  • The leads you receive are not shared with anyone else, keeping them exclusive for you.
  • The contacts expect a Photo Mosaic Wall owner in their area to contact them with an offer.

For more information about how the system works, visit this blog post.

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We’ve Got You Covered: 24/7 Support you can Rely On

If you think our products are cool, just wait until you meet Foto Master’s support team. We are all about giving you true peace of mind. You will get personal attention from professionals who really care about you and 24/7 availability by phone, online chat, email, Skype, or Facebook.

The Foto Master Family Facebook Group

Your New Family: A Friendly Community of Foto Master’s Photo Mosaic Wall Owners

We have a group on Facebook for Foto Master’s Photo Mosaic Wall owners to which we’ll add you upon your purchase of the Photo Mosaic Wall. Once you join as a member, you’ll find a very active, warm and friendly community with helpful discussions, resource sharing, sharing of experiences, software update announcements and much more. It works, looks and feels like a real family.

The Photo Mosaic software comes with a lifetime license and includes one year of free upgrades & support. You may choose to renew upgrades & support for $590 each year. There is no revenue share conditioning or any hidden fees (license agreement & policies).

Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive the license key, download link, access to our promotional folder, and the recommended hardware list.

Once all of the equipment arrives, our Support team will schedule an online training session with you to make sure that you are ready to start using the product and maximize its full potential.


What is the suggested rental rate for the Photo Mosaic Wall?

The Photo Mosaic Wall is an incredibly interactive and unique service and our customers command top dollar for it! For social events, customers are charging around $500+ per hour and for multiple day corporate events our customers are charging upwards of $12,000, so it really is an incredible ROI!

How much does it cost to operate at an event?

The cost for the event will depend on a variety of factors, but to give you two simulations:

Simulation 1, Wedding:

  • ~ 3 to 5 Hour Event
  • Photo Booth Monitoring + At Event Photographer (PC Monitoring Agent Software)
  • 626 Tiles (Label Cost: $44 / Ink cost $44) = $88
  • Print Board 25×25 tiles: $50
  • Framed Picture: $95

Estimated Cost Per Event: ~ $235
Estimated Income Per Event: ~ $1,750

Simulation 2, Corporate Event:

  • ~ One full day to four days event
  • Photo Booth Monitoring + At Event Photographer (PC Monitoring Agent Software)
  • Twitter Hashtag: $50
  • Instagram Account Hashtags: $50
  • 1944 Tiles (Label Cost: $137 / Ink cost $137) = $274
  • Print Board: $250

Estimated Cost Per Event: ~ $624
Estimated Income Per Event: ~ $12,000

I see that the Turn Key package comes with a variety of hardware accessories, is it possible to order more?

Yes! Just ask your sales representative and they’ll be able to provide you with the cost for the additional accessories you would need.

How big is the Photo Mosaic Wall?

We have two standard sizes for the Photo Mosaic Wall – 50” x 50” and 9’ x 6’. However, you can create a wall to whatever size you would like.

How do I transport the Photo Mosaic Wall?

Since the Photo Mosaic Wall is customizable in terms of set up, the vehicle that you can fit it in will vary based on the hardware you choose. A minivan is the perfect sized vehicle to fit a typical setup.

How many printers can be operational at the same time?

You can have multiple printers running at the same time in order to increase output. We’ve tested 4 and you can use our in-software simulator to determine how many would be best for your event.

I’m really new to using Photo Mosaic Wall, is it hard to learn?

The Photo Mosaic Wall is not a difficult software to learn, but like anything, there can be a learning curve to figuring out something new. However, we have the best technical support team in the industry and they are there to show and teach you how everything operates.

Can I customize the final composite picture that is created with the Photo Mosaic?

Yes, you can load in your own JPEG image that the Photo Mosaic will create. This can be a logo, picture, or digital artwork.

Once I place my order, how long will it take me to get everything?

After the payment is made, you will receive your software download, license key, and marketing materials within 24 hours of purchase. If you go with our Turn Key Package, it typically takes about 14 business days to receive the additional hardware.

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