Acquisition Announcement: Foto Master Acquires Friispray

We are delighted to announce that Foto Master has acquired FriiSpray.

Foto Master is a market-leading global Digital Interactive Entertainment Manufacturer with customers and partners across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East.

FriiSpray is the first organisation to have developed  a Digital Graffiti Solution back in 2009. Later it focussed on building and creating the best digital spray cans in the world. Every year Friispray develops a new and improved innovative design that works and feels better ergonomically. FriiSpray UK has become the leading manufacturer of infrared and laser spray cans for digital graffiti walls around the world

The acquisition of FriiSpray reinforces Foto Master’s leading position as a supplier of Infrared and Laser Spray Cans used by Foto Master’s best selling product: AIR Graffiti Wall.

Back in 2014 the two companies became close when they developed a new system for digital graffiti to operate in bright light conditions – a feat many thought impossible. Friispray and Fotomaster combined to develop the Daylight Tracking System with Laser Cans certified to CE and FDA standards allowing Air Graffiti customers around the world access to hardware which allowed them to operate in bright shopping malls and even outdoor events where the screen could be protected from glare.

With this acquisition, many more professional companies in the entertainment industry will now enjoy professional spray cans alongside Best In Class software and fantastic support that Foto Master offers.Also, existing AIR Graffiti Customers will enjoy an improved service for their AIR Graffiti Wall Hardware.

And you know Fotomaster and Friispray will not rest on their laurels. Already we have products in the pipeline to support our new development. White LED cans for our new development: Neon Video Booth.

In the meantime we will remain focused on our customers in order to strengthen and build on our offerings to deliver even greater value for the existing and new AIR Graffiti Customers around the world.

Boaz Telem
Co-Founder & CEO
Foto Master LTD

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