Air Graffiti – How It All Began

It’s been a few weeks now since AIR Graffiti had been distributed and sold all over the world and the feedback has been amazing. Because it has been so successful, I want to share the story of how it all began.
When we finished the planning and design of our solution and set the goal to be the best Digital Graffiti Wall that will be offered for party rentals and events. I went to the drawing board and started to do some testings:

* First thing that was important to me is that the wall will support 2 technologies:
– Unlimited number of users Infra Red Based technology
– Mouse technology or hardware that don’t support IR

I set up a box, put the IR Webcam that we manufactured inside and start testing the reaction and delay minimizing it to be the fastest and most accurate as technology allow:

It was so fun! so I research allot on what will be the best rear screen wall, we tested many and we found the best, we also added stencil’s and wanted to start play with those, we opened it in our house and stated to do the testings:

We still had s long way to go, things to improve almost every aspect, while Ron was working on the IR Spray Cans I set and improved the software adding features like: printing the Photo, Email the Photo, Share it on Facebook, and we invented a new output option which is Save the Video of the Drawing it self. The we meet to do some more testings, and this is what we captured from the side:

Then it was time to test multi uses, we gathered few family members and handed them a spray can, testing together the multi users capabilities, here is a quick clip that we captured back then:

It was time to do an event, we booked a bar mitzvah and went out to party, here is the first event that we did:

If you are familiar with AIR Graffiti you know that it went a long long long way since the product that you see now, it’s nostalgic to look at those video, always make a smile on our faces and remind us the months over months of investment and testings, AIR Graffiti today support hunders of features like green screen and photo effects, drawing effect and many more out of the box stamps and stencils, Hope you enjoyed this quick nostalgia post.

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