Air Graffiti – Launching Today’s Entertainment Artists Into The Digital Era

Prior to AIR Graffiti, having an artist at an event was time consuming. While people enjoyed the artist’s talents, they would be frustrated with the long wait times and inability for the artist to mass produce their work. With AIR Graffiti that all has changed.

When the incredible new Digital Graffiti Wall, AIR Graffiti, first arrived, it brought something totally new into the picture, something that never before was thought to be possible. The “click” between the artist and the digital wall was like love first sight. When the two (Artist & Digital Wall) work together – a new world of attractions is presented to the guests.

Now, each and every guest can receive more than one giveaway drawing. With a click of a button, the art and the video (of how the artist created the drawing) are saved onto a hard drive. Furthermore the art can be shared on Facebook, sent by e-mail, and of course printed. You can also watch as the artist draws on the digital wall and see their work come to life.
One of our most talented customers named Dennis met a few artists and gave them the opportunity to work with AIR Graffiti in order to bring something new to his entertainment business.

When I asked him about his experience he told me:
“One of the artists named Danny Nunnez – a high school senior that we met at another event – was standing in line to get his turn at Air Graffiti just like everybody else. Danny has a bit of showmanship in him that I really like. He is able to crank out some really great stuff in less than 15 minutes using the Air Graffiti Technology. It’s a pure joy to watch him create digital art.”

When Danny used AIR Graffiti for the first time he said:
“Air Graffiti is a great product for large crowd entertainment. It’s versatile and can be used in so many interesting ways.”

Michael is a co-founder of in the Dallas arts district and has many close ties with local artists. Michael got us invited to an event in Dallas called “Girls Show” on October 20, 2012. Of course, we brought the Air Graffiti Virtual wall along with us. This was a great opportunity for us to see a lot of interaction with the Air Graffiti Technology being used by the local artists.
Michael graduated from North Texas State with a degree in art and is truly an incredible artist. Clearly he is more of a perfectionist and can create masterpieces using the Air Graffiti technology in little more than an hour. We hope to book Michael and Danny as well as other artist at corporate events, fine restaurants and clubs around the Dallas area in the near future. Dennis also told me not that long ago that he asked some other graffiti artist to use AIR Graffiti and after playing it for a while his comment was:
“The only thing that I miss is the smell.”
Now, enough with the story telling!
Here are some of Dennis’s videos:

and check this out:

Check out this YouTube channel for more:

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