Air Graffiti Multi Touch Product

I have received a lot of questions lately like: “Would AIR Graffiti Software work with a multi touch screen the same way it does with a giant IR Rear Screen Wall?” The answer is obviously YES! We have many customers that are using AIR Graffiti Wall and also offer the same software in another flavor which is a Multi Touch solution.
Here’s how you can do it!
1) Buy a 55″ or 60″ or 66″ TV.
2) Buy Multi Touch Overlay (we have one that we recommend, contact us for more info).
3) Buy a TV Stand (you will decide how much to invest in it).
4) Have a Laptop with AIR Graffiti Installed.
The touch overlay can support 32 point, 12 point, or less… we use 12 point and AIR Graffiti supports them all. In the clip below, you will be able to see a nice event that one of our customers did not too long ago with our setup:

We suggest to our customers to also add AIR Graffiti Multi Touch to their product offering. It is more suitable in daylight, small places, and customers with a smaller budget.
Set up should take no longer than 10 minutes and only requires one person to run the event.
If you own AIR Graffiti Software you can set up a nice AIR Graffiti Multi Touch product with an additional investment of something between 2500$ to 5000$, depending on the TV road case / TV holder that you are using.
So basically when you buy AIR Graffiti you buy 2 products for 1 price. For more info about this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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