Air Graffiti For Product Launch

There is a huge market for product launches and promotions. Those guys will pay a lot to have the best idea that will help them generate more money as soon as possible. Any new product or product line is seeking an amazing attraction to generate a buzz about the product launch.
This is where AIR Graffiti surprise the guest. After the amazing launch Mercedes did, our talented customer from the UK – Spray Paint Wall – used AIR Graffiti software to do a product launch and this video say it all:

Here at the Adam launch, they made a contest on who could make the best car design. As you can see, a cover was loaded so people couldn’t draw on specific areas (this can be done only with AIR Graffiti technology).
In version v4, AIR Graffiti also introduced a new way to quickly fill predefined areas of the object that you present on the screen so you can quickly make an amazing drawing.
Stay Tuned…

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