Air Graffiti Projection On The New Mercedes-benz

One of our amazing clients decided to take AIR Graffiti and re-imagine its use. Jeffrey, our Singaporean customer, had an event where he implemented the dual projection mapping capability of AIR Graffiti. We were really excited to hear about how the event went and were even more ecstatic when we were told that the event was for Mercedes-Benz!

I was really excited to see the first video and Jeffery has promised to send me more videos as he makes them. After watching them, I’ll post some tips and tricks so that you can find yourself at a car show doing dual projection with AIR GRAFFITI and the unique “Design Your Own Car” concept!
Take a look at the first video sent in from Jeffery:

Projection on the car is just 1 option. You can promote many brands such as cars, buildings, and clothes. With the 2nd projector, you can design your own dress, ship, airplane; you name it and you can do it!
If you are AIR Graffiti customer, please be the next to surprise us!! I truly love our customers! Every time I think it can’t get any better then this, you surprise me again with another huge event ,new ideas and cutting-edge technology.
Here is another part of a video that catches all this fun in action:

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