Air Graffiti V2 – New Features

I am very excited for next week when we will be releasing AIR Graffiti v2. There are quite a few cool features that I have added and I am ready to share them with you.
The two main features I have added are:
1) Green Screen Photo Support.
2) Dripping Paint (like in a real spray).
I have also reordered the buttons to be in a more intuitive layout and improved some features like making the eraser only erase the drawings (so no white area will be seen). I have recorded a short video of myself demoing it, so check the video out:

Those new features have came from customers’ requests. I want to thank all of our customers who share their thoughts with us and ask to keep those requests coming!
As always we prioritize, add them to the wish list and go to the drawing board, constantly releasing new versions. So keep it up!

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