Air Graffiti Version 5

We worked very hard on AIR Graffiti v5 and it was all worth it!!

Change Log:

  1. Changed the look and feel of the toolbar and consolidated the lists and toolbar design.
  2. Implemented a new subcategory for Stamps & Stencils.
  3. Added around a hundred new Stamps & Stencils.
  4. Added 35 new Green Screen backgrounds.
  5. Added a new magic wand that apply effects on photos: Black & White Effect / Sepia Effect / Pencil Drawing Effect / MTV Effect
  6. Added new light drawing effect and consolidated the drawing effects to the common representation in AIR Graffiti.
  7. Fixed an issue when sometimes a Stamp was above the other that was already stamped.
  8. Implemented new Twitter API after they have changed it, now twitter is back to working.
  9. Changed the green screen background to load independent background even in an image doesn’t exist.
  10. Added queue emails when there is no connection the image will be saved and sent later on when the connection return.
  11. Fixed an Issue where stamps were below the cover.
  12. Enlarged the close/open button for easier clicking.
  13. Implemented a new green screen component that is easier and quicker to control
  14. CTRL+M now hide mouse

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