Air Graffiti – Version 6

The version that we all have been waiting for just came right out of the oven.

We are very excited to share with you AIR Graffiti Version 6! For the past few weeks, we have been listening to our customers’ and their clients’ feature requests and we worked hard on adding the features accordingly. Below you will find V6 “Change Log”:

Instagram Stamps

Now you can offer a new concept: “Instagram Graffiti Wall!”
Add a # tag is used for the event and allows the guests to load recent photo straight from Instagram based on the hashtag in real time.

Vertical Photography

To support our launch of the new Vertical AIR Graffiti Touch System, we have added a new feature that allows you to snap a vertical photo and also supports vertical webcam positioning. Click on the photo to the left to see a video on our website and see this feature in action.

Custom Color Palette

We have added a new tab in settings that allows you to customize the color palate and also designate specific colors only to be used at the event. In Settings, choose your style and desired colors.

New Stamps

Added new and cool Stamps + You can now control from settings which sub stamps / stencil folder to show or hide. Also added a way to maintain aspect ratio of the stamps.

New Photo Effects

Added 2 new Photo Effects:
1) Rentgen Effect
2) Hue Effect
We also improved the performance of all effects so there won’t be a small delay every 30 seconds when using the drawing effects and green screen effects.

New Green Screen Component

We added a new green screen component that remove the green automatically and perfectly. We also improved the performance around the green screen and now it works a lot faster and better.


We now allow you to control the print size. We improved the quality of the photo and the cover tremendously. We also added a “Cropping Option” to allow you to margin the photo aspect ratio and won’t stretch it if you don’t want to. We also added padding if you like to adjust the screen size to any other output size.

Event On The Cloud

We added a way for you to change the share url to your own and white label it.

Live View Mode

You can enable photo booth mode and allows guests to take their own pictures and draw on it. This also allows you to have the system in “No Operator Mode” and enable the timer to reopen the Live View when times up.


You can now re-size stamps using the common gestures that they use in tables (zoom in and out).

Bug Fixes:
* We have fixed the z index of the stamps to be above the covers.
* We fixed the drag stamps issue in AIR Graffiti Touch.
* Fixed the performance issues occurred due to green screen & Drawing effect.
* Few more small fixes.

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