Air Graffiti Wall Amaze The Guests At A Wedding

A Digital Graffiti Wall is not something you typically see at a wedding. If have not yet seen AIR Graffiti in action check out the videos here on the website, but to make a long story short, AIR Graffiti is a new and exciting interactive activity that generates an unforgettable photo favor at events.
AIR Graffiti is perfect for weddings because everyone is looking for something special and unique that will surprise and entertain their guests. With its fun and interactive features, you’re able to do just that!
If you are considering buying AIR Graffiti and renting it at events, you should think no further. It will be the best business decision of your life! The wall is a money machine and will allow you to do more events and also weddings. Check out the buzz generated in this wedding video clip:

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