Press Release: Augmented Reality Foto Booth

Have You Ever Walked Into an Augmented Reality Foto Booth?

NYC, USA – November 11, 2014

The release of Kinect 2 three months ago gave Foto Master, a leading digital interactive entertainment technology manufacturer, the tools it needed to create an exciting new product.

Boaz Telem and Ron Malkin, the founders of Foto Master are the first to develop a product that uses the Kinect 2 technology called Augmented Reality Foto Booth – A photo booth that takes social mingling and party favors creation up a notch.

The AR Foto Booth provides a fuller, more engaging way to take photos. In the booth guests find themselves on top of a background, wearing 3D virtual props. The props move with them in real time and in the end of the process the guest receive a clear picture of themselves inside the AR environment (something that was not possible with the Kinect 1) having the time of their lives.

Boaz Explains,

“With the Kinect 1, the depth sensor and face recognition algorithms couldn’t produce a high resolution image. Now, the Kinect 2 offers an equal to HD webcam photo quality (and above), this allowed us to use the other Kinect sensors to position 3D elements accurately users that interact with them in real time which resulted in the booth we always dreamed of.

The AR Foto Booth uses the Kinect 2 1080p Camera with facial recognition capabilities. It couples it with a new green screen removal algorithm and a 3D engine that Foto Master developed to allow custom virtual props to appear on users in real time.”

The result is in an experience they won’t forget and a party favor that they will share with friends.

Let’s see how the augmented reality photo booth works

Interacting with the booth is easy…

Step 1

Your guests stand in front of the monitor.

Step 2

3D props appear on your guests suddenly and they are able to interact with them on the screen.

Step 3

Your guests are switching between several 3D props by raising their right hand above their head, having the time of their lives.

Step 4

Your guests take their photo by pulling down the virtual gesture slider and 3, 2, 1 Snap!

Step 5

An interactive augmented reality photo gets printed and handed out, the photo can be sent by email or shared on any social network.

In addition, Foto Master’s AR Foto Booth offers a new way to further business outreach with it’s personalized and branded capabilities, allowing introduction of customized concepts in 3D shapes.

Who can use Foto Master’s Augmented Reality Foto Booth?

Foto Master’s customers can use Augmented Reality Foto Booth in private events, conventions, family entertainment centers, interactive museums, theme parks, hotels, resorts and retail stores.

Here’s a quick video showing what you can do with the Augmented Reality Foto Booth! This time at a wedding:

Below you will find some of the more notable features supported by Foto Master’s Augmented Reality Foto Booth:

We are about to present the augmented reality Foto booth this year at IAAPA 2014 (Orlando, Florida) from November 18-21. Come and have fun with us at Booth 4275, you can also set up a meeting prior to the event and have the booth all to yourself!

About Foto Master LTD

Established by Boaz Telem and Ron Malkin in 2010, Foto Master provides cutting-edge software-based attractions for events, entertainment centers, museums and basically anywhere fun all over the world.

The duo set out to merge the worlds of tech and entertainment after years of experience in both fields. They have worked for leading technology companies and worked closely with one of the world’s largest inflatable attraction rental company for years.

The feedback they received for earlier products made them realize the huge market opportunity and they jumped right in. They worked day and night to develop digital & interactive products that generated buzz, increased brand awareness and generated personalized souvenirs.

You Can Contact Boaz Telem at:

+1 646 233 3371

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