Event On The Cloud @ Leead & Adan Wedding

It was the first time that we tested Event On The Cloud at an event, and the feedback even surprised me! When I saw it for the first time it looked like an ordinary wedding with flip books, but after the guests finished making the short film and received their flip books they were they were offered an IPad opened on this link: where they could place the code and view their flipbook online. After seeing it, they shared it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter at a single click of a button. Another thing that one can do with Event On The cloud is embed the flipbook to and blog post or website just like this:

Both the bride and the bridegroom at the wedding were in for a pleasant shock and the guests went home and later called us to book two more weddings. We charge customers $75 more and this generates huge profits.
We are all set to release Event On The Cloud for existing customers who step forward to help. This will be done in a private beta.
please contact us here for more info.

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