Experiential Marketing With Air Graffiti Wall

Brand activation events are known for the visual presentations and the nice shows that entertain the guests. However we see more and more a new rising trend which includes not only a passive presentation and visual effects but also interactive and experiential attraction that helps to increase the brand awareness.

#URBANO brand in Brazil already learned this lesson from the first event where they used AIR Graffiti and experienced the power of experiential marketing. The 2 main new advantaged of adding products like AIR Graffiti to events are:

In addition to the show itself, it’s with no doubt a huge upgrade to any event. Understand that #URBANO launched their second brand activation event with AIR Graffiti to create again an unforgettable experience:

The next phase is to have those experiential marketing products inside the stores which add more benefits such as returning visitors to the store and more. The retail market that we all knew and loved is starting to get the facelift that will cause us to buy less online and enjoy more while shopping!

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