The Flip Book Creator

What is a Flip Book Creator?
The Video Flip Creator is a great program for creating flip books. It first records a video and then converts the video into 60 sequential images, which are then printed. The book of images is then flipped through to recreate a video impression. The process is very similar to how cartoons are made but done in the reverse. The hardcover flip books created are ideal for use as memorabilia or souvenirs. The process of creating a flip book from scratch can be done under 90 seconds easily.

Uses of a Flip Book Creator
This multimedia technology is ideal for use at trade shows, parties and conventions. The Video Flip Creator is an ideal tool for branding and marketing promotions. The flip book creator will give marketers an opportunity to create a custom made branded souvenir for their clients. It could also be used at parties or festivals as a form of entertainment. The Flip Book Creator can also be rented out along with the necessary hardware as a source of income. This is ideal for those who intend to only use the flip book creator for a one-time event. It is normally rented at a cost of $300 per hour. This allows the renter and the re-seller to realize an immediate return on investment. The cost of the software is only $2950. This investment can easily be realized within a single day.
Features of the Flip Book Creator
The Video Flip Creator can be downloaded as a free trial. This is so that it can be tested without becoming fully committed. The features associated with the product will be very convincing. The developers of the software also offer custom designs and upgrades based on the needs of each client. The hardcover flip book creator prints out high quality pictures. The software interface is easy to learn and use. The images are printed out in sequential order which makes organizing and creating a hardcover video flip book very simple. The technology also features a green screen ability which allows videos and images to be implanted in the background. There are also 16 video filters such as Ripple face effect and black and white effect.

The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. For the best picture quality, a fast color laser printer and a web cam will be required. A cutter/plotter may be required but not necessary. Setting up a booth is an initial investment that has to be taken into consideration in order to increase the return on investment. But, Video Flip Creator is totally worth it!

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