The Hart Of Air Graffiti

I was very excited to receive this very elegant video that was sent to me last night. The video demonstrates AIR Graffiti in action used by one of the most professional companies in the world today – Hart Entertainment.
David & Phil from Hart Entertainment have been with Foto Master for a long time, starting in 2008 when the brothers bought Video Flip Creator software and became one of our first customers. Then late last year, David & Phil also bought AIR Graffiti. As one can expect from the pair, they learned quickly and easily how to use AIR Graffiti and it looks AMAZING! Check out the video:

I loved the way the video captures the exciting experience, the cool giveaway away, and the different way a company can use AIR Graffiti. As you might have seen in this video, an artist drew the face of the guest on the interactive graffiti wall.
Kudos to the Harts!
You really warm my hart with those videos…keep them coming.

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