Introducing: Air Graffiti V8

FotoMaster is proud to release AIR Graffiti’s most exciting update yet – AIR Graffiti V8. With ground-breaking changes to the software’s design as well as its features, you are about to experience
AIR Graffiti unlike ever before.

What To Expect

Spray TV Technology

AIR Graffiti V8 now offers the latest hardware technology on the market! Developed and manufactured in the FotoMaster labs, the new Spray TV cans are combined with AIR Graffiti V8 to allow drawing on any regular LCD/LED television with these spray cans.

Animated Stamps

Introducing a never-before-seen revolutionary concept: animated stamp sharing! Once the user adds amusing animated stamps to their photo, they can share the creation as a photo, GIF, or video to all social media platforms. The FotoMaster team created over 20 premium animated stamps that can be used with AIR Graffiti V8, while the software also supports custom stamp creations as well.

DSLR Live-View

The Live-View feature is supported with the DSLR camera. As the user takes a photo with the DSLR or webcam, they can preview as they pose for their perfect shot.

Custom Branding & Design

White-label and brand as you wish with AIR Graffiti V8. The new toolbar offers a fresh design with sleek visuals, different color themes to choose from, as well as the ability to alter the user-interface to your liking. Customize the toolbar entirely by implementing your own theme and graphics.

Presets & Events

The Preset feature allows you to create unique presets with specific settings. Save and reload these presets as you desire.

The Event feature allows you save all the content created from the event automatically to the event’s designated folder. This makes setting up simple and quick as it gives you the ability to manage everything within the software.

With an entirely updated user experience, a brand new hardware technology, improvements to the software, and exciting new features, AIR Graffiti V8 offers an incredibly interactive photo booth that goes above and beyond the traditional. Gain more business with the infinite possibilities offered by AIR Graffiti software!
Curious to learn more about AIR Graffiti and all of its amusing features? Contact us today!

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