Make Them Green With Envy!

We often see the green screen effect in movies, yet this feature has become widely used among photographers as well. With the incredible Mirror Me Booth technology and the ability to create the impossible with a simple backdrop, it’s no wonder the Green Screen effect is one of our favorite, not to mention an integral part of the Mirror Me Booth’s special features.

With advanced technology, the subject is automatically superimposed on an unlimited number of backgrounds. This feature is especially intriguing to guests as they have the ability to appear in a wide array of scenic locations or comedic situations.

When creating or customizing your Workflow on the Mirror Me Booth, there are different options available for the green screen effect. For example, you can choose to have different backgrounds within one Workflow and print several unique photo backgrounds, or you can use one background for the entire layout of your print. Another cool feature is the ability to position the subject anywhere in the photo and re-size them to fit as you please.

Check out our video at the top of this page to see how simple and accurate separating the subject from the background is. By learning more about the special features offered by the Mirror Me Booth, you’ll end up developing a new category of professionalism and increase your potential opportunities!

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