Mirror Me Booth Is Fluent In Multiple Languages!

When we first came out with the Mirror Me Booth product, we started by creating all animations in English. However; with a fast growing rate and customers from around the globe, we’ve learned that the more languages the merrier! Creating different language versions of our product allows us to expand our business to different regions while also offering the opportunity for our customers and even potential buyers to grow their client base as well. This was an important step for us to take, as one of our main focuses as a company is to constantly update and offer improvements to our software.

Offered in Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and many more…, Mirror Me Booth’s animations attract a wide array of populations. With our latest release of the software, we’ve even added an English-speaking voice over to the animations! Now guests can receive compliments through sound as well. And it doesn’t stop there… We’re currently working on creating animations in other languages and adding voice overs to those already offered. Even our customers have began to add their voice overs to our animations in their own language!

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