Mirror Me Booth – A Magical Photo Favor Experience

It’s not easy to keep a product like this a secret for long. After months of developments and testing, Foto Master is proud to introduce the Mirror Me Photo Booth.

Mirror me photo booth acts just like any mirror, except it interacts with guests by displaying mind-blowing interactive animations that look like a part of the mirror. These animations activate the guests with various workflows and features, capturing a photo of the guest with a hidden camera behind the mirror, publishing the creation and giving them the option to share it on their social networks.

How does it work?

When guests approach the mirror, a colorful animation appears and prompts them to touch the mirror, once touched, the mirror takes them through a magical journey that results in an amazing photo favor.

While guests take their photo, the mirror compliments them, taking them step by step through one of the default workflows or a workflow you designed specially for them. In the end of Mirror Me booth produces a fun party favor picture of the guest.

That’s it, simple!

To help create the magic of the mirror, we included a lot of out of the box layouts and workflows. In the video below you can see a variation of a workflow in action:

The Mirror’s workflows, animations and photo layouts are highly customized, there are several ways in which guests can interact with the mirror including (but not limited to):

You can also have a fun screaming contest with friends that becomes a printed party favor.

The Mirror Me Booth built in technology uses both touch and gesture detection, allowing users to have an interaction with the mirror with the latest kinect for windows 2 and new invisible touch hardware!

Check it out!

How can you build a Mirror Me workflow for your event?

Foto Master created a tool just for that; we call it the Mirror Me Workflow Builder.

You begin by selecting a photo preset from several preconfigured layouts or alternatively, build them from the ground up, customizing them according to your needs. The workflow builder works on a ‘state’ basis, allowing you to add ‘states’ and decide how guests will proceed from one state to the next,.

You can move between states by touching the mirror, time lapse or by the mirror’s gestures detection capabilities.

In each state, you choose what animation to add,you can either add your own custom animations or use the premium content that Foto Master provides out of the Box. Other than animations you have the ability to select special features and place them in the workflow, creating an innovative way to build your event concept..

The Mirror Me Layout Builder

Another great tool we’ve build for the Mirror Me photo booth, this tool allows you to configure and set a layout for the printout and preview.

It has a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) that shows you the layout changing in real time and allowing you to play with the sizes of the photos, the background and foreground, adjusting them to your needs.

The Mirror Me Booth is tightly compact; we arranged it so it’ll be easy and safe to travel with.

You can set it up in less than 10 min and it comes in many frame styles, you can choose them from our frame collection (we have classic, modern, colorful and mono frames, take your pick).

Starting to use Mirror Me Booth is a no brainer.

You don’t have to do anything to activate it, everything is pretty much preconfigured so you can start using it as soon as the mirror arrives to your office!

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The feedback they received for earlier products made them realize the huge market opportunity and they jumped right in. They worked day and night to develop digital & interactive products that generated buzz, increased brand awareness and generated personalized souvenirs.

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