Mirror Me Booth Version Ii – Voice Over Animations

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Mirror me Booth Version II just got better. We recently released the latest version of our product, Mirror Me Booth. We paid close attention to detail of the original version and to our customers’ requests by upgrading the software for ease of use. The digital interactive mirror photo booth allows you to create digital photos, videos and GIFs better than ever before.

What You Can Expect

Amongst many other new presets, features and minor bug fixes, users will experience improvements such as; a new user-friendly interface that facilitates the Workflow building process, such as the “Multi Preset Selection”, which enables several Workflow sequences to run automatically throughout the event, and many new features like the Green Screen option that now offers individuals the opportunity to select from a wide array of colorful background images and present it behind the guest instead of the green screen

In addition, the update includes the implementation of lively voice-overs to our visual animations. Rather than having users read the script written across each uniquely crafted animation, Mirror Me Booth Version II now offers a friendly voice-guidance for users to follow and interact with.

With over ten voice-overs included in the latest version, new languages available for the software and a simple design for the user to operate, Mirror Me Booth Version II is sure to make any event a huge success.

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