The Birth Of A New Concept – Neon Video Booth

We invite you to take a look at our newly released product, the Neon Video Booth – a new way to create amazing videos, gifs, photos, and even flipbooks.

What does it do? Guests at your client’s event, holding either a white led spray can or a led pen, paint beautiful neon colors on a monitor in real time!

How does it work? Once the record button is pressed, the software detects and tracks the white light the guests are holding. The processing is made in real time, showing all the guest’s actions on the monitor live while a timer counts down on the screen.

After they finish, the guests receive their party favor as a video, a flipbook (requires Video Flip Creator v8), a gif, or a photo.

What’s great about it? Guests find it extremely fast and very simple to use. You don’t have to explain what to do with it since it’s so intuitive and the resulting party favor will push them to share it with other guests effectively increasing the product’s exposure.

This is in no way light painting via DSLR with long exposure! This is a sophisticated algorithm built in to the software.

Watch this short montage of the result here:

As you can see, it’s easy, intuitive, and crazy engaging.

Here is the workflow we found that works best in events:

Step 1

The guest stands in front of the camera with the led paint tool and a dark backdrop is positioned behind the guest.

Step 2

The guest hits the record button and a timer starts to count back. All guest moves are recorded, capturing their neon paint drawings on the screen.

Step 3

Gifs and photos are shared through the guest’s social networks, photos get printed, video slideshows show the saved videos in another monitor and if you own Foto Master’s Video Flip Creator, then you can also hand light paint flipbooks.

How is the neon effect is created?

Our software’s special algorithm detects and tracks the white led light; creating an amazing neon drawing effect that outputs to an amazing party favor.

Neon Video Booth is a whole new level of luminous creation

If you think that the neon video booth is just another light painting booth, you can’t be further away from the truth. Light Painting is done via long exposure of DSLR Cameras. The digital camera accumulates the light creating a pattern and after the pattern is created, a photo is taken.

Although the results of Light Paint can be stunning, the process is long, the preview is not in real time and the final results is limited to a photo.

Neon Video Booth takes it up a notch!

  1. It’s much quicker.
  2. The recording is captured and previewed in real time on the screen, simplifying the process for quick user understanding.
  3. And the results are priceless!

The Neon Video Booth’s output can produce much more than just photos. It can produce videos, gif files, and can be saved as a flipbook that you can load to the Video Flip software and printed as a flipbook.

The neon video booth creates amazing flipbooks!

Event rental companies always search for a way to differentiate their flipbook service. The end users are getting more sophisticated and nowadays, more and more companies offer Event On The Cloud sharing capabilities.

Companies need something unique to catch and engage guests with their flipbook product.

With the Neon Video Booth you’ll get those advantages.

You will provide guests a previously unavailable interactive experience that will translate into more events booked and more flipbooks as an output – an unbeatable combination.

And as you can see in the video below, the Neon Video Booth is not only for grown ups, kids are loving it too:

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