Samsung Through “cover Design Contest” With Air Graffiti Touch

SAMSUNG surprised their guests with design your cover contest, the winner will win tickets to the X Factors Finals show. AIR Graffiti Touch is the same AIR Graffiti Software that we all use and love, but this time it’s run on a TV with a multi touch overlay. This setup allows you to work with the wall in places that are limited with space. At the SAMSUNG Event, a pre made cover was used to allow the guest to draw only inside the cover and print/share the results to join the contest. Here are a few photos from the event in this short video clip:

AIR Graffiti touch is also used at events in a “Photo Booth” mode where the guest picture is taken and then automatically loaded to the screen for the guest to add greetings and nice virtual props. Here is an example from Bar Mitzvah:

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