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Revolutionary technology meets innovative design. The Spray TV Photo Booth offers an authentic graffiti experience like never seen before.

The Spray TV Photo Booth incorporates a breakthrough technology that makes strides in the photo booth industry with it’s brand new, never-before-seen spray can technology. The system is based on the AIR Graffiti software, yet merges new components and features with a smaller, more modest station than the original AIR Graffiti Wall.

Developed and manufactured in our exclusive FotoMaster labs, the brand new Spray TV Booth uses fast-reacting digital spray cans. Incorporating the best of both worlds, Spray TV Booth combines the digital world with the entertainment industry. The product includes a TV, laptop, and a special new digital spray can to mimic an authentic graffiti experience users will enjoy for hours.

Find out more about Spray TV Booth at this year’s Photo Booth Expo!

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