The Fairest Of Them All

Joining Forces

Renowned makeup line, Maybelline, teams ups with FotoMaster’s client; NooNah, for London Fashion Week! In order to celebrate its launch of a brand new campaign, Maybelline offered its clients the opportunity to capture every moment during its London Fashion Week  event with the  Mirror Me Booth.

A Win for All

Engaging clients and entertaining groups of several people at a time, the MIrror Me Booth captured the photos and hearts of its users while delivering a keepsake photo favor of the event’s fresh-faced guests. The mirrored photo booth, positioned underneath the campaign’s slogan, included Maybelline’s logos, branding, color palette, and details such as a custom-made frame – all aspects that well-represented the company and its initiative to launch its latest product during one of London’s biggest events in the fashion industry.

Expand Your Company’s Potential

Incorporating interactive entertainment products like our Mirror Me Booth adds a personal touch to any corporate event. As seen in the retail industry, it gives companies the opportunity to add to their brand image. With the use of an interactive system like the Mirror Me Booth, companies can offer guests a memorable and emotional connection to the experience they are providing. Not only will it add depth to your activation, it will also enable you to stand out from the crowd while offering something to your clients in return; a keepsake from the experience.
To see how this company customized the product and its print-outs, take a look through our photos!

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