Uk Enjoy Air Graffiti Technology

Introducing the Spray Paint Wall, a fully interactive Digital Graffiti Wall based on the Air Graffiti Software.
The Spray Paint Wall is an amazing tool that can be hired for both corporate and private events in the UK. Using digital spray paint cans, users can realistically create artwork on the UK Digital Graffiti Wall that can be shared to many different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

For corporate events the Spray Paint Wall is a great experiential marketing tool. At every event, it has created and energetic hype because it is so fun and unique. The Digital Graffiti Wall is perfect for brand or product promotion. Using a full screen outline of your product or logo, users can design artwork on the wall within the boundaries of the template. These can then be entered into competitions or even printed out onto t-shirts, caps, mugs and so much more. This feature allows you to continue to promote your brand after your event!

Weddings, parties and Bar Mitzvahs are other great events for entertaining your guests with the Digital Graffiti Wall. Using the built in green screen feature on the AirGraffiti software, users can have their photo taken against a green screen backdrop and then be instantly loaded onto the Spray Paint Wall for editing and drawing on themselves. Stencils can be used if your guests are less creative to achieve fun keepsakes from your event.
All of the creations made on the Spray Paint Wall can be saved for you and supplied on a USB stick after the event. During the event images can be printed and made into key rings, magnets, t-shirts, mugs, caps and so much more… Contact us today to run your own AIR Graffiti business in the UK.

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