How To Use Eye Fi With Air Graffiti

In this post, I will quickly show you how you can use AIR Graffiti with Eye Fi to auto transfer photos from your digital camera to the computer at event.
Before the event:
1) Connect the Eyefi pro to the computer via the USB hub.
2) Open Eyefi Center software.
3) In the first network tab choose the desired WiFi network to add to the card and click on add network to add it to the card.
4) Go to photo tab and enable upload all photos.
5) In the Manage section select c:\Users\{your user}\Documents
6) In the Sub folder option select “Do not create date-based sub folders.
7) Save and put the Eyefi back to your camera.
At the Event:
In AIR Graffiti settings, you will be able to select under the global option “Auto Load Photo”. Once the photo reaches the documents folder, it will be automatically loaded to the wall. If it’s off, you will be able to select it manually.

Note: you can also enable/disable the upload progress of the EyeFi via right click on it’s icon in the system tray and select or unselect “Auto Show Preview”.

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