Using The Eos Utility To Load Photos To Air Graffiti

In the past we have recommended using an Eye Fi card to transfer photos from the digital camera to the computer. After using Eye Fi product more often, we found that at some locations there might be connectivity issues and transferring a photo can take too much time. This is why we heavily researched the best and most reliable way to transfer photos to AIR Graffiti. In the video below, you will be able to see a quick training video that I recorded that shows you how to use Cannon Rebel EOS Utility that comes with the Digital Camera:

If you still prefer to work wirelessly, use Eye Fi, but always have the EOS Utility as a backup. We use the EOS Utility as default and use usb extensions to the camera so we can move freely.
I hope this post helped you with β€œWhat is the best way to transfer photos to AIR Graffiti?”.

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