Video Flip Creator V6 – New Patch (v6.0.2)

I am happy to announce that we have released a new update to V6 including the following features:
1) Full Screen & Hide Control Bar Support:
Cntrl+H => Toggle Hide/Show Control Bar
Cntrl+F => Enter Full Screen Mode
ESC => Exit Full Screen Mode
You can’t hide/show the control bars while in full screen. You need to exit full screen, show/hide the control bar as you like, and enter full screen again.
It is a known Flash Player limitation to not support keyboard in full screen.
2) Choose Background – New Look & Feel
With this new adjustment you can now let the guest choose between backgrounds at the event using a touch screen.

Check out this short demo that I made:

Those new additions came from customers requests to further improve the product. If you have something that you feel is missing, let us know.

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