Virtual Hero – Hello World

A new star is born, Virtual Hero is the new party favor concept that will make your event more special than you ever thought it could be.
Check out the Bat Mitzvah we did with Virtual Hero:

Virtual Hero allows the guests to return home with a game app for their tablets and Iphones, where in this game, they are the hero.
The guest’s photo will be taken on a green screen at the event and the head will be extracted and placed on the main character of a game of their choice!!! A photo is printed out with their code and QR Code to download the game.
The guest will also have the possibility to play the game at the event on IPad stations and further watch an auto play game with a random friend’s face on a TV.
The games are all branded with whatever you desire! Virtual Hero allows you to fully brand the games and the software itself.
The event planners will go crazy about this!! Check out Virtual Hero page.

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