Want To Know Who Foto Master’s Latest Fan Is? Read On!

You know them best for their work on the most popular arcade game of the 80’s. This famous arcade game quickly became a social phenomenon. Their definitive legacy is a little yellow ghost-eating character. This character has even inspired artists around the world. You guessed it… Pac Man has made his way into the Mirror Me Booth!

Japanese corporation; Namco, recently invested in the Mirror Me Booth to add amusement to their Funscape Center in Southbank on the River Thames in a unique fashion. Guests of Namco’s Funscape Center had the opportunity to enjoy the interactive photo experience brought to you by Foto Master with an added personal touch of the most recognized video game character among avid gamers. Combine this with live social sharing and you have a winning occasion!

As you may know, with the customizable software offered by the Mirror Me Booth, consumers can alter animations or create entirely new ones. In this case, Namco took their brand-awareness to the next level by creating custom Pac Man animations to be displayed on the Mirror Me Booth. Now that’s how you reinvent fun through technology.

Take a look at the exclusive and unique animations in our video below:

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